The Only GOOD Thing About This Cold Weather...WARM FOOD!

Not being a fan of the cold weather and having WAY too much of it here in the south this year, I have not only built fires and piled on the layers of clothes but also done my fair share of cooking "warm meals".  These mostly come in the form of soups and chilis and often times that comes with getting into a "food rut".   Therefore,  I tried a little different twist on my chili the other night that I thought you might also like to try!

I don't eat red meat so I always make my chili a Turkey Chili, however, you can use whatever type of meat you prefer.  The first thing I did was to chop up a bell pepper and onion, pour a little olive oil into my pot and begin to let them slowly sautee'.

After the onions and bell pepper had been sauteing for a while, I opened a can of corn, drained it and poured it in also.  After this had cooked together for a while, I then added my ground turkey (seasoned with salt and pepper) and started browning it with the vegetables.
After the turkey had browned, I drained off the excess liquid and sprinkled on some chili powder, a can of chili beans and one can each of regular diced tomatoes and Ro-Tel tomatoes, along with a little water.  Stirring this all together, I left it to simmer while I made my bread.

I decided to make a corn waffle to pour the chili over.  It was actually very simple but just the little twist I needed to change up my plain chili...
                         Just make your cornbread mix up using the directions on the package.
Heat your waffle iron up to the highest setting and then pour some of the mixture in to fill it up.  Let it cook until golden brown...
                                                And then pop it out and place it in a bowl.
Spoon the steaming hot chili over your cornbread waffle and top with shredded mild cheddar cheese and sliced avocados (a spoonful of sour cream and even a few sliced black olives would be good too!) and there you have it..."Chili with a Twist"!  Ummm...This was SO good and the perfect meal to serve on a cold winter night.

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