Why YES...I WILL Be Your Valentine!

I made it home on a Wednesday and then as fate would have it we had snow blow through our sleepy little southern town on Friday for the third time in as many weeks!  Have I mentioned how "Over" the white stuff I am lately?!  It didn't snow for long and didn't stick either so I suppose that made it OK.  I was not only anxious to get out of the northern climate but was also looking forward to a weekend trip to New Orleans to see my "Littlest Grand", Beckett!
So when I opened my mail to find this, all I could do was SMILE and say, "Why YES...I WILL Be Your Valentine"!

It had been a month since I had seen Beckett in person; what would we ever do without Face Time?!  He had his own "sleep over" at Poppi and YaYa's in early January but since that time OH, the things he had learned to do!  Almost crawling while he was here, he had now taken off and was into everything!
He now can follow people around whenever they leave the room.  He especially liked to follow Uncle Ryan Poo around to play with him this weekend.
And if you hadn't noticed, although he seems to be the "Best Dressed" little boy around, he prefers to be without clothes!

Here is a video I got the other day that proves a kid really doesn't have to have a lot of toys to play with; just give them the boxes and paper...or in this case a clothes basket!  I'm glad they caught this moment, however,  because I'm pretty sure a laundry basket can't contain this growing boy any more.

And when we visited this weekend, I found that David and Codi have also found many other uses for a laundry basket than for clothes.  I personally think it's pretty inventive to use it for bath time!

 Beckett's crawling skills were followed very quickly by pulling up too...

While we were in New Orleans, we did a good bit of dining out.  I know I might be prejudice but this is one really well behaved little boy while in a restaurant; much better than his daddy was!(he he)
                                         Beckett and Poppi having some laughs over brunch. 
                                   OH...How could anyone resist those BIG BROWN EYES?!
      And so how could I NOT say YES to being this little SWEETHEART'S VALENTINE?

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