Taking a Walk on the WILD SIDE!: My Night Fishing Adventure

Hubby has a passion for fishing.  In the past few years he has taken up bow fishing.  Yes, you heard me right.  At certain times during the year, he and some guy pals head south, to the coast, to spear some delicious red fish and trout.  Enjoying this so much, he recently purchased a boat to "fix up" specifically for bow fishing.
    DAYS were spent out in the shop getting this boat rigged out to do some nighttime bow fishing.

A couple of weeks ago when some of the kids were in town for my birthday weekend, Robby decided to take them out to bow fish in a fresh water venue.  Now this type of fishing is done at night and it was pretty cold that evening...and I had agreed to watch Parker Ann and Holli while they went on this adventure...and well, I'm pretty much of a "fair weather fisherman".  OK, so I like to go out in the boat WITH Robby when the weather is PERFECT for sunbathing AND I bring a good book along to read.  Occasionally I will grab a pole if I see that the fish are biting real well.  So, when I showed the least bit of interest in this bow fishing, Robby jumped all over that and was so excited (I could actually see the sparkle in his eyes...) that I would consider joining him in this activity that I found myself agreeing to go with him the next time he set out for this little adventure.
                                    These are the photos that were taken from the last fishing trip!

Now, there is something you must know about this bow fishing.  It is done in the dark of night.  That alone was adventure enough for me since getting in a boat...in the middle of nowhere...while it is still chilly outside is REALLY taking a walk on the wild side for me.  When Friday rolled around, the Hubs began to get things ready and outfitted me in what I would not consider to be my "best look"...
But HEY!  Sometimes warmth trumps cuteness.  Sometimes.

                                           Notice, I still managed to be wearing a little pink!

Now, as I said, this type of fishing trip takes place at night...in the middle of nowhere.  And just as a side note, I must first pose this question:  Why is it that once you arrive in the middle of nowhere you immediately have to use the bathroom?! (Ugh!).  OK, back to my story now.  We were about to all get on the boat when someone said, (and may I add in a very non concerned manner...) "Do you hear those coyotes howling?"  WHAT?!  I said, "Did I hear you right...coyotes?!"  OH MY GOSH...What had I gotten myself into?  And I certainly hoped coyotes couldn't swim or wouldn't be waiting for us when we got back to shore!  We all got on the boat and headed out across the lake.  And as we did, everything began to take on different shapes to my eyes; you know how things just look different in the dark.  And then as we began to slow down and shine the lights on the water, I found the view to be eerily beautiful...
There are lights on the boat that shine into the water and you can see everything underwater as the lights illuminate the surroundings.  This is how you find your fish.
                   Fishing from the raised deck on the boat is where one finds the best view.

I found this bow fishing to be quite a challenge.  When fishing with a pole, one just baits the hook and waits for the fish to bite.  This type of fishing requires more skill, which I am not too proud to say that I do not possess yet.  You see, the boat is constantly trolling as you are watching for the right kind of fish to swim by (it is not legal to bow fish all types of fish...) and then you must quickly take aim and try to shoot it with your bow.  Ummm...yea, Pocahontas I am not.  However, I did find the trip fun and I will definitely go again!  I always like an "adventure"...Even if it does mean "Taking a Walk on the WILD SIDE"!


  1. Barbara! One click led to another and another and I found your blog. I don't know how it happened!! It was a fun surprise! Congratulations on everything. I'll keep reading.

    Patti Colwell

  2. Yay, Patti, Super excited to have a new follower!