Just a Walk in the Park...

Robby and I were in New Orleans this past weekend and I was really hoping for nice weather so we could take our grandson, Beckett to the park.  As it turned out, the weather cooperated with us and Beckett got to spend the morning with Poppi and YaYa at the New Orleans City Park!

Although I have lived in Louisiana for my entire life, I had never "explored" the New Orleans City Park.  Oh, Robby and I had gone for a picnic one day in an area of the park, but I never realized how large it was or how many different activities there were to participate in (http://neworleanscitypark.com).  After checking out the web site, we decided that we would start in Story Land...
                Here's my two handsome guys ready for an "adventure" at the New Orleans City Park!
                           (P.S.  Don't you LOVE how they match?!  And it wasn't even planned!)
                                       I might not be a kid, but this entrance sure excited me!
 Inside Storyland, there was a whole village of kid interactive sculptures of storybook characters!  And the price for admittance was very reasonable at only $4 per adult and Beckett was FREE.  These tickets also get you into the adjoining portion of the park where one can find the carousel and other rides for older kids.
          Here's Poppi and Beckett sitting on that old "Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon"!
                                             And sliding down Puff the Magic Dragon slide.

This place was bubbling over with birthday parties too.  And what kid wouldn't want to have a "magical" birthday party in this castle or the carousel or the many other party areas in the park?
One of the great things about going to the park with Poppi and YaYa is the fact that they let you out of your stroller...(Pretty good view, huh?).
                                        And they know that a "little dirt never hurt anyone".
                                                        Or cotton candy for that matter!
    This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  Wouldn't this make a wonderful Easter card?
He's "almost" old enough to sit on these sculptures alone.  I can't WAIT until he can toddle through the park, himself!
As we were leaving Story Land, I could tell this little guy was getting sleepy by the way he had turned his hat sideways and was rubbing on his ear.  It had been a "perfect" day for a walk in the park with Poppi and YaYa and now that we had seen all the wonderful things there were to do there, we were already planning a return trip with Beckett's cousins, Parker Ann and Holli.

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