Kiss Me...I'm IRISH!

Kiss Me, I'm IRISH!  And I'm not just saying that because today is Saint Patrick's Day.  There is actually some Irish blood running through my veins via my paternal grandmother and the proof of that would be the red hair and ruddy, freckled skin that could be found on many of her siblings.  Both of my father's siblings even carried on those traits with one child in each family bearing those same characteristics.  My sister and I, however were born brunettes and have both evolved (Thanks to good hairdressers...) into blondes over the years.  But, back to this holiday where one wakes up in the morning with a sudden lilt in the voice as they say to everyone encountered that day, "Top 'O The Mornin' To Ya!"

When I taught second grade, I was always excited for the next holiday to roll around because...well, I'm really a kid at heart and I just LOVE holidays!  And having found creativity a strong suit of mine over the years, I enjoyed coming up with new ideas to inspire my students.  Oh, of course, we talked about Saint Patrick ( and how he came to be associated with this holiday, but I also threw in a little "magic" of my own for the kiddies!  All week long, I regaled them with stories about the magical little leprechauns who were so quick and sneaky that one could never see them at work, but if they "believed" (REALLY believed...) then some magic would be thrown their way on this special day.  And so, wishing DID make it least in my classroom...because when the students arrived to class on Saint Patrick's Day, there was "magic leprechaun dust" sprinkled EVERYWHERE!  Oh, I know it was a HUGE mess for me to have to stay and clean up at the end of the day, but the excitement it evoked among the children and the sparkle I saw in their eyes was well worth it.

And so, on this Saint Patrick's Day, whether you are attending parades, going to mass or merely watching some archived Irish movies, I would like to wish you all a very blessed day and may you all find a "Pot 'O Gold" at the end of your rainbow!

                                                    HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!!

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