Happy 1st Day of SPRING!

I could barely believe it when I heard today was the 1st day of spring.  It seems like this winter has lasted forever, although I realize that we, here in the south, haven't had it as long or severe as others elsewhere.  But, HEY!  Three snows in Louisiana...that's pretty much unheard of and more than I ever care to experience again.  However, as of lately, the sun has been shining, the temperatures soaring into the 70's and I have been able to actually go for walks outside.  I suppose all of those things combined inspired me to ready my house for the Easter season and so yesterday I began doing just that!
 I started with my front door by removing all of the Mardi Gras decor and replacing it with bright spring colors...and of course, some bunny rabbits!
Then thinking about the bunny rabbits, I made my trek into the attic to find my collection of Snow Bunnies.  Originally gifts from me to my mother each year for Easter over the years, she gave them back to me several years ago along with a note that said:  "I have enjoyed these bunnies you gave me for years; now it is time for me to give them back to you to enjoy."  And so, as I put them out each year, they will remind me not only of the Easter season, but my mother as well.
I continued to remove the winter and replace it with spring by putting out flowers, Easter egg candles...and hiding some of those little bunnies of mine in with them.
The darker table runner on my coffee table was replaced with this nice white one with green flowers.  I also placed an arrangement on it.
Here's a close up of the arrangement on my coffee table.  There is a little basket made of twigs, some flowers, a pink egg candle and there are also three more little bunnies hiding in there.
These little guys found their way to my breakfast room, sitting atop a rustic centerpiece and burlap table runner.
And last but not least, I put my table runner embroidered with Easter eggs on my dining room table.  In the center of the table are calla lilies in a clear vase along with hydrangeas in bird nests and striped pastel tapers sitting in an antique candle holder.

Yep, one could say I'm ready for spring.  What's next?  Well, I'm sitting here just waiting for all of my beautiful spring flowers to open up so I can enjoy the outside beauty of the season as well!

                                                                  HAPPY 1st DAY OF SPRING!!!

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