A Baby Hang-Over

I realize that the word "hang-over" is not usually associated with babies, however, I cannot think of any other way to describe what I have felt like for the past couple of days.  Ever since Good Friday, my kids have been in and out, as well as all three grandchildren.  Caitlin and Holli stayed here for 15 days this time and I found myself in high gear for those 15 days.  So, when Saturday morning, 4 a.m. rolled around (that was the time we had to get up for her to make the early flight out), I knew that the day was going to be a bust for me.  My eyes were puffy, my nose stuffy and I found myself completely out of energy and sound asleep in my chair that night by 8:30...and I was trying to make myself stay up until then!  Although I am always sad to see everyone leave, I have come to enjoy the time I do have with all of my kids and grands and make the most of it...thus, the "Baby Hang-Over"!

Here are some photos of some of the fun stuff we did while they were here...
                                                                    Went to a wedding...
                                                    That Caitlin was matron of honor in.
                                                     And Beckett danced with the bride!
                                                      Took my daily walks with Holli.
                            Traveled to Natchitoches to our lake house and took a boat ride.
                                                    Then went downtown the next day.

We hit the zoo one day...

And enjoyed Sno Cones!

And rode the train...

And this was all in addition to Holli's 1st birthday party and Easter weekend!  Now, do you see why I have a "Baby Hang-Over"?!  Yep, when I finally stopped and everything was still and quiet, I hit the wall.  OH...But what great fun I had while doing it all!  Being a mom and YaYa is truly THE BEST!

Side note:  And now this one tired YaYa will be heading off bright and early tomorrow morning for  
                  some rest and relaxation on an anniversary trip to Miami!  I'm sure I will not find time to

                  blog while there but I will take plenty of pictures to share with you when I return!

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