My Gardening Adventure: Guess What GREW While We've Been Traveling?!

Every time Hubs and I get back from one of our trips, the first thing I do is rush outside to take a peek at our garden.  While we are away I always get someone to water it since rainstorms here are few and far between in the summertime.  When we got home from our Miami trip I was shocked to see how much our little garden had grown!
                                                             I wasn't kidding, was I?!
                                      Everything is blooming and getting ready for picking.
                              I hope these bushes bear blackberries this year...even if it is a few!
                      The beans that got planted along side the garden are really taking off.
 Watermelon seeds were planted a little while after the garden but are doing great.  They are supposed to bear 90 days after planting.
                    Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a slice of cold watermelon.
                                          Can you see that little cucumber hanging there?
                             We planted two varieties of tomatoes; these are the larger ones...
                                              And these are the small cherry type tomatoes.
                                              Look at all the little squash on these plants!
                                               We have plenty of green beans hanging too.

 Truly there is no better food than home grown veggies.  I can't WAIT to harvest some of these for eating but I will also be trying my hand at canning this summer also.  My mother, who is an expert at canning, has agreed to come out and teach me the art of preserving fresh produce.  I'm thinking some pickles out of the cucumbers, roasted red peppers, salsa and marinara for sure!  Oh, and did I mention that my apple tree at the lake house is FULL?  I've decided to also make some apple jelly this summer!  This "gardening adventure" is quite a fun and rewarding one...

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