A First Dance Recital

Around our town, May is known as "Dance Recital Month".  OK, it's not an "official" name, that's just how I refer to it because the culmination of every little girl's year of dance comes to an end before the beginning of summer and dance revues abound.  Our family is no different than any other; from the time Caitlin was two years old and for the twelve years that followed, she also participated in dance classes.  This year we got to start all over again since Parker Ann performed in her very first dance recital.

The recital was held on the last Sunday of May ("Dance Recital Month"...) in the auditorium at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches.  The theme this year was "Alice in Wonderland"...
                                                   How cute is the front of the program?!
 This is the photo that appeared in the program of Parker's little dance class; she's the one on the bottom right.  They played the role of flowers.
I pondered on getting her the traditional flowers for after the recital but then settled on a couple of things I thought,  a three year old, she might enjoy more!
Isn't my little dancer just adorable?  And she did a fantastic job dancing on stage!  Unlike some younger dancers I have seen over the years, Parker's little class remembered all of their dance moves and totally entertained the audience with all of their cuteness!
   Since Uncle Ryan Poo and Ally now live in Natchitoches, they came to watch her dance too.
And, although there was a lot of activity, giving of gifts and snapping of pictures, I got to jump in there for a shot of my own with my little sweetheart.

Yes, I may fondly refer to May as, "Dance Recital Month" but it brings back many poignant memories for me.  Memories of Caitlin dancing, our favorite costumes over the years, her three brothers sitting dutifully in the audience with flower bouquets in hand.  These years will pass quickly; this I know.  And I plan on being present for every second of every special event.

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