For This Child, We Have Prayed...

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it?  Have you ever prayed every day that God would give you that something?  Has it ever felt like there would never be a day that you would get the very thing you had been praying for so fervently ?  This is truly not my story to share in its entirety but I will share just a glimpse.  A glimpse for you to see, and perhaps understand, what it's like to pray for someone who does want something that badly.

I was one of those lucky women who never had a problem getting pregnant; four children in six years is evidence of that fact.  However, I have had family member and friends who have not been that fortunate.  Their journeys have been different ones.  Ones that we cannot understand fully, even while traveling it with them.  This is a glimpse into one of those journeys...

Parker Ann will be turning four years old in August.  For over two years, Justin and Sarah have been trying to conceive another child.  There have been many doctor's visits, tears and anxiety.  I was brought to a place I had never been before.  However, my answer to impossible things has always been to pray for God to show His grace and mercy in granting the desires of my heart.  And for over two years there have been many people who have joined me in these prayers.  Prayers that God would give Justin and Sarah and our family another baby.  Night after night, Parker would pray for a baby sister or brother.  Just the other day, while we were floating in the pool, she told me, "I will be four on my birthday and then God is going to put a baby in my mommy's tummy."  Wow...powerful words out of the mouth of a child.

Although this journey has been long and the praying has gone on for so long, I always kept my faith that God, in His "perfect" timing would answer our prayers.  And He did!  On Easter weekend, we found out that Sarah was pregnant.  What a glorious holiday to find our such wonderful news!  They asked us to keep the news to ourselves for a while, until they reached a point in the pregnancy where they thought things would be OK.  And so, this past weekend was that time and we are SUPER EXCITED to announce that there will be another BABY ROGENMOSER born into our family by the end of this year! 
                                    Here is Parker Ann with her new "Big Sister" shirt on!
                                                And here she announcing the good news!

Sarah reached the twelve week point in her pregnancy last week and had an ultrasound.  When will "Baby Rogenmoser" make his/her arrival?  The due date is December 24.  How is that for "perfect" timing?
       "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him..."                                                                    1 Samuel 1:27

         ***Please continue to pray with me for Sarah to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.***


  1. I am so happy for your family !!! My husband and I tried for six years to have our first child and was trusting God but believed it was not "our time." We found out April 10 that we were expecting a blessing. Our joy is due December 4th. I will continue to pray for Justin and Sarah.

    1. I saw was where you were pregnant, Kayla but did not know your story. I am so happy for y'all because I can only imagine how badly you both wanted a child. Congrats and many prayers heading your way for a healthy pregnancy and baby!