Babies On The Beach!

David had a week off and called a few months back to ask Hubs and I if we would like to go to the beach with he, Codi and Beckett.  Well, Sure!  I love the beach and more importantly I love spending time with my kiddos.  Before we knew it, David had also asked Caitlin if she and Holli would like to fly in and meet us there and so we began to plan where we would go.  The decision:  Portofino Island Resort in Pensacola, Florida.  The two babies, Beckett and Holli had such a good time!  This was pretty much the first time they actually interacted with each other and it was so amusing to watch.  Of course, we took lots of photos that tell the tale of our little beach trip with the babies...
Robby and I drove to New Orleans and picked David, Codi and Beckett up.  This would be a road trip for us!

Caitlin and Holli flew from Cleveland to meet us there.  She's wearing her patriotic colors since we left on Memorial Day.
                                     These two were helping to pack the ice chest for the beach!
                                                 They both LOVED playing in the sand.

                                                   I called them my little "Beach Bums"!
                                       Hey!  I could pretty much be a "Beach Bum", myself.
                                                            Here's David and his family.
                                                               And Caitlin and Holli.
         Not as much a fan of just sitting on the beach, Hubby brought his fishing poles along.

I'll share a few more photos of our beach adventure with the babies tomorrow!

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