Our BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY Is Just A "Little" Fanactical About LSU Football

How many days did you say it was until football season?!  Here it is the middle of the summer and I am already thinking about football.  Or specifically, LSU FOOTBALL.  I have already been buying up purple and gold party supplies and looking for the latest fashions in those colors.  Our family is fanatical about LSU football.  LSU is the largest university in our state which accounts for such a huge fan base here.  Our family, however, is connected to the university in other ways;  by those of us who have obtained degrees there.  I was the first to receive my bachelor's degree from LSU as a mother of four who went back to school later in life.  Next, my oldest son received his master's degree there and then my youngest son just completed LSU Dental School, while my middle son is in the medical residency program at LSU.  Right after I graduated, my husband bought four football season tickets that have for almost twenty years been put to good use cheering on our beloved Tigers.  There is not a Saturday during college football season that we are not tuned in to the game, wearing our purple and gold and most likely eating gumbo.  The little ones in our family have no choice but to be LSU fans;  we begin dressing them to show team loyalty at a very early age...

 Parker Ann, born in August, came just in time for the kickoff of football season.  One of her first outfits to wear was this LSU Tigers onesie!  And, of course, every little southern girl Tiger fan MUST have a matching bow.
                                 Her dad, an LSU graduate, wears his colors every game day.
While, her mommy, a native of Arkansas was FINALLY convinced that purple and gold looked better on her than red!

                 And as the season progressed that year, so did Parker Ann's purple and gold wardrobe.
                  Pretty soon she was even wearing tee shirts that taunted the fans of other teams.
Here she can be found wearing what is in  every LSU baby girl fan's closet...The LSU TUTU!  If you look closely, you can see that tiny little purple and gold shoe that her Poppi bought her on a trip to California; Stewart Weitzman, no less!
                            How cute is this little doll sporting her LSU tee shirt and tutu?!

And while most of our family still lives in Louisiana, my daughter, Caitlin lives in Ohio.  That, however, does not change the fact that she never fails to dress her baby in the team colors every game day as well...
Only about a month old here, Holli is modeling her purple and gold smocked outfit.  And again...southern baby girls are required to wear bows the size of their heads.
Here she is in some photos that her mom took of her on game day and sent to me.  Notice...that traditional purple and gold tutu again!
And what EVERY (I mean EVERY!) little girl in Louisiana wants to be when they grow up...An LSU CHEERLEADER, of course!
I know what she's doing; she's pointing to the airplanes flying above her house in Ohio and saying, "PLEASE...Take me back to the south where the Tigers play!"  Oh, and yep...those little purple and gold Stewart Weitzman shoes were handed down.

And then our baby boy came along.  His dad lived and breathed football from a very early age, playing pee wee, junior high, high school and college football.  This little boy has no choice but to be a die hard football fan.

           And that's why before he was even born I bought him that little lovey with the football.

Every Saturday the Tigers played during the first year of his life, Beckett and his daddy dressed in some sort of purple and gold football attire.
                    He even wore his LSU bib too so he could sorta tailgate with the big folks.

               What kind of fan would he be if he didn't have his little own Mike the Tiger?!
                                                    AND...monogrammed boxers!

We've had individuals marry into our family that have not been LSU fans, however, slowly but surely we are winning them over to our purple and gold way of thinking.
Last year Allison married into our family.  Now, she is a Texas girl.  And you know those Texans are real loyal to their teams.  But look who's wearing purple and gold!
                                            Whether we are going out to eat on Game Day...
                                                      Or watching the game at home...
                                                    While tailgating in our own kitchen...
There's one truth I know...This BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY breathes and bleeds PURPLE and GOLD and we plan on passing that team loyalty down to the next generation.
                                                                GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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