Tee It Up!

For a while now I have been telling Hubby that I want to start playing golf again.  Once MANY years ago, he bought me a set of clubs and signed me up for lessons.  At the time we lived on a little nine hole golf course so I would go out late in the evenings and play.  Now that all of the kids are out of the house, I thought, "Why not pick this sport up again?  After all, Hubs is a member of a golf club, I might as well use it too!"

I would have used my old clubs but I have no idea where they are.  It seems that one of my sons "borrowed" them for his wife to play with.  And then I vaguely recall my daughter saying she also wanted to "borrow" them from her.  SO...those "borrowed" clubs never made it back to my house.  I told Hubby I didn't even need a new set; for all I cared, he could just buy me a few clubs or go down to Good Will and buy me a used set.  Well, just as I had given up asking, thinking he was not going to get me any clubs, he came home this week with a BRAND NEW SET OF CLUBS for me!

Before Hubby left for work the next day, he told me to be ready to go to the driving range to hit balls that afternoon.  I knew I wanted to go late in the day when it was not quite so hot and chose five o'clock...I was pretty freaking HOT!  However, I showed up ready to hit some balls...

 Yep, wearing my favorite flip-flops!  I know, I know, Hubs took one look at my feet and said, "Is that the only shoes you brought?"  I nodded in the affirmative and to his credit, he did not fuss at me, just shook his head and loaded my clubs in the golf cart.  He also asked on the way over if I wanted any suggestions or just wanted to do my own thing (you can tell we've played together before, can't you?!).  I told him that he could give me some pointers.  You see, I have some women friends who play golf and they have been asking me to play with them and I told them I would have to practice and get a lot better before I did that.  So you see, I NEEDED a few pointers.

Hubs would line the balls up on tees and give me various clubs to hit with and to my great surprise, I hit pretty well!  There were other people out there on the driving range hitting too and several would comment to my husband, asking if he was giving lessons now and glancing our way.  One even came over to see exactly what was going on and looking at my feet said, "You can't play in those shoes."  Hmmm...One doesn't have to wonder why HIS wife wasn't out there.  He appeared to be really concerned that I wasn't wearing the proper shoes (a real rule follower, I suppose).  I told him, "HEY!  This is how I roll."  I think this attitude totally confused him.  But it was exactly this attitude I needed to be able to get out there and have fun; often times taking the game (and oneself) too seriously leads to not being able to enjoy it.

I listened to all of the pointers my husband gave me and continued to hit away, getting a  little better with each swing.  I only whiffed the ball once and just mumbled an expletive a time or two (I think this is required when playing golf) .  When I made a particularly good hit, I would glance down at the guy who blew on my flip-flops and say under my breath, "Get Ya Some Of That!"  I know...I'm already getting that spunky golf spirit, aren't I?!  At the end of my first hitting session, I felt good...Very HOT and sweaty but good!

                                 Not too shabby for a gal who hasn't hit a ball in over a decade!

                                                            So, here's to "Teeing It Up!"

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