Swinging, Swimming and Smelling the Flowers!

It flash flooded here yesterday and last night and even sprinkled this morning.  But in between the rain, we were able to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors.  After Robby's "Fix It Day" on Monday, it was clear that he needed another project (This man just cannot sit still!).  He decided that Holli needed a small swing/play set, so he and Caitlin headed to Toys-R-Us to see what they could find.  They found this great Little Tikes set and Poppi instantly began putting it together for Holli...
       Kevin started out helping Robby and then the rain came and he had to get ready for work.
 After the rain stopped, Pa-Paw went out and they finished putting it together while Holli was still napping.
      When she woke up from her nap, Poppi couldn't WAIT to show Holli her new play set!
They took one of the swings off and replaced it with a baby swing they bought; can you tell she LOVED it?!
                                                                     "Ahoy, Matey!"
                                             Look at that smile on Poppi's face...Priceless.
Oh, how much fun this little one is going to have on her new play set!  And the great thing about it is the fact that it can be easily moved to the basement for the winter.

This afternoon, after the weather cleared up, Holli went outside to play on her swing set again and then had some fun smelling the flowers in her back yard...
                                                       This baby girl LOVES flowers!
                                               And this YaYa LOVES her animated faces!

After picking flowers, it had heated up enough for Holli to get in her little pool and swim for a while...
                            Don't you just adore her gingham, smocked duck swimming suit?!

 We are having so much fun here with our southern implanted Ohioans and have a couple adventures planned for Thursday and Friday since the rain is suppose to move out of here and I can't WAIT to share them with you!

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