Oh, How I Love A Trip To Miami!

Well, true to my word, I did not blog for an entire week while I enjoyed some R&R in Miami for the celebration of my 32nd wedding anniversary.  And Miami, as usual, did not disappoint me!  Hubby and I talked about other places we could have gone for this celebration, but it seems we always come back to Miami at least once a year and since we are so familiar with the city, it is always a good choice.  This year, however, in addition to doing some of the "same" things, we did some "new" things as well that were very fun and exciting.

This visit to Miami, we did not stay at the Lowe's Miami (http://www.loewshotels.com/en/Miami-Beach-Hotel?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Brand&utm_content=Name&utm_term=loews%20miami) , which is not say we don't absolutely love that place but Hubby found a really great hotel just a couple of doors down that we tried; The Z Ocean (http://www.magellanluxuryhotels.com/south-beach/z-ocean-hotel-south-beach-miami/?pk_campaign=Google-ppc-g-SB_HOTELS-SB_HOTELS_ZOCEAN_BRD_hotel_z_ocean-31147483442-%2Bhotel%20%2Bz%20%2Bocean-b-1t2-&gclid=CNbCo_3Gpr4CFWcS7AodlhIABA).  This hotel boasts under 100 rooms and has rooftop terraces where one can dine, enjoy sunning in private or relax in a private hot tub.  The terrace is reached by climbing a spiral staircase, located on the lower level balcony of the room.  Not located directly on the beach, one just has to walk across the road for access...
                                                 This was a view from our roof top terrace.

When asked what I love so much about Miami, the list could go on and on.  However, one of the things I truly enjoy is the outdoor dining.  No one ever chooses to eat inside and why would they with that wonderful ocean breeze and all of the sidewalk bistros dotting the sidewalks?!  One of our favorite places to visit for breakfast or just an afternoon or evening espresso is the "Aroma Espresso Bar", located on Collins Ave., just next door to The Lowe's.
                                          Yep!  I could sure get used to this Miami living!
                     Here's another favorite bistro in a more historic area (Espanole Way;                    http://myespanolaway.com/about.html) of the city.

And then, of course, there's the BEACH!
Where all one really needs is a good book, a bottle of water and a little snack.  This is where I really enjoyed some R&R, reading and napping on and off while the ocean waves lulled me to sleep.
And at times, one can find some shells on the shoreline.  I say, "At times" because they cannot always be found.  I lucked upon these one day around noon and picked them up to bring back to Parker Ann, who is a true little shell seeker!

These are just "some" of the reasons I love Miami so and some of the "usual" things we do.  Now, tomorrow, I will share with you some of the "new" things that we experienced this year!

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