New Adventures In Miami: "Miami Heat Playoffs Game"!

Miami is a city where there is always something going on and this visit, Hubby and I decided we would add some "new" adventures to the "same" things we like to always experience there.  Some of those things were planned in advance but one was not.  Upon checking into our hotel, we saw a sign on the concierge desk that stated there were seats still available for the Miami Heat Playoffs game.  We looked at each other and instantly knew we had to score a couple of those tickets!

                                                          And score them, we did!

 This was probably only the third major league basketball game I have ever been to but WOW!  EVERYTHING about it was impressive.  I found myself in awe of the American Airlines Arena the moment I walked in.  I actually told Robby that it was sorta like me continuing to circle the castle at Disney World just staring at it.  This place was HUGE with so much activity that it was difficult to concentrate on any one thing.  One of the things that impressed me the most was the food.  OH MY GOODNESS...there was sushi, Chinese, Mexican, American, vegetarian, gluten free and on and on and on!
It was difficult to decided what I really wanted to eat but chose a veggie burger (HEY!  Where can you get one of those at a ballgame back home?!) and Robby had the hamburger.  While we were eating, a girl came up and asked us if we would do a quick survey on the food and, of course, I was more than happy to.  For our time, she gave us two drink vouchers and these pins...

We grabbed the drinks and a container of Kettle Corn and headed off to find our seats.  It was "White Out Night" and everyone was given Miami Heat tee shirts!  We settled in for not only the game but the show that was put on for the night.  WOW again!  The music, dancing and entertainment was GREAT!
            Every time a Heat player was introduced, the fire would shoot out of those cannons! 

And guess who was in attendance at the game??  DAVID BECKHAM!!  YES!  They showed him on camera, sitting on the floor level.  At halftime, Robby and I got to watch the older guy who was supposed to be keeping people away from him get pushed around by his fans; kids, teenagers, mothers and grandmas alike!  It provided great entertainment for us because when he would be shooing someone off from one direction, another person would sneak in from the other side and before long Beckham would be holding their phone, taking the "selfie" with them!  Hey, they should have expected that when they announced that he was at the game!

This was something "new" we tried this time we were in Miami and I LOVED it!  Never say "never" to trying something new and different, you might just like it!  Now, tomorrow, I will continue with my Miami trip and tell you a little about how we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary!

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