Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: The Sea Glass Sisters

I love to read series of books for many reasons.  One is the continuation of a relationship with the characters that sometimes at the end of a single book, I am just not ready to let go of.  My cousin quite often sends me the names of books and/or authors to read and I must admit that we have very similar tastes in reading material because I almost always love her suggestions.  That is why when she told me to check out a new author she was reading, I went to Amazon and googled her name to find that she had quite a lot of series.

Lisa Wingate, put quite simply, weaves tales that are uplifting.  I tend to read many different genres and Wingate's first series I read was a breath of fresh air.  There are friend and family relationships and faith involved in her novels, accompanied by really good story lines that are woven throughout the pages.

The first book of the series I read was entitled, "The Sea Glass Sisters".  This story centers around a couple of sisters who have opposing views of the world.  One carefree and out to fulfill her dreams, the other a bit more rigid with not only her life but those around her as well.  As the not so carefree sister sets out on a road trip to hopefully convince the other to leave her home along the hurricane ridden shoreline she calls home, she enlists her own daughter to tag along.  The daughter has issues going on in her own life but agrees to go on this "short" trip with the mother hoping to appease her.

What none of them expect is to be stuck on the island as a hurricane sweeps across the region.  However, in the storm, lessons can be learned.  And indeed they are in this inspiring book.  It is important to read this book first because it introduces the reader to not only the characters that will be in the following two books but also the town and flavor of the region.

I was pleasantly surprised by this new author and she has become one to add to my "favorites" list.  You can find all of her books on Amazon; I downloaded this entire series onto my Kindle.  Click HERE to get your copy of "The Seas Glass Sisters" and start reading it today!

*****The other two books in the series are:  "The Prayer Box" and "The Tidewater Sisters", which I
           will also be reviewing.*****
                                                                      HAPPY READING!!!

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