Football Season Has Returned and All Is Well With the World!

Football season has returned and the men in my family could not be happier.  The excitement is akin to pure electricity.  The talk is of teams and players and which season tickets they can have.  I knew football season was right around the corner when the other day I heard mention of Fantasy Football.  I have no idea what that is all about but the guys sure do take it seriously.  There were conversations about building a league and a team and having a draft.  Wait a did say "fantasy", didn't you??  OK, well whatever it is they are doing, the excitement of football is here and all seems well with the world once again.

This past weekend all four of my guys loaded up and headed to Houston for the season opener of college football where LSU was to play Wisonsin.  Saturday was Game Day and all LSU fans know that on Game Day you not only dress yourself up in your team colors but also your offspring...

And in true form, LSU had their fans sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their fingernails until the very end.  Yes, we came out with a WIN!  What a wonderful way to start the new season off.  And now that things are in full swing, I say:

                                        Let the air turn cooler
                                        Let the gumbo simmer on the stove
                                        Let the leaves fall
                                        Let the roasting of marshmallows begin
                                        Let the marching bands play their tunes
                                        Let the cheerleaders chant

                              BECAUSE FOOTBALL SEASON HAS RETURNED!!!
                                                             GEAUX TIGERS!
                                                             GEAUX SAINTS!
                                                             GEAUX FOOTBALL!

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