Our BIG, FAT FAMILY Keeps Getting BIGGER and FATTER!!!

Apparently babies come in TWOs around here.  And that's perfectly fine with me.   Today I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that our BIG, FAT FAMILY will be adding another baby in 2015!!!

                                                "Baby R" will be arriving in early March!

Just three months after Lila Kate gets here, "Baby R" will arrive, making the total "Grand" count go up to FIVE!  We, of course, are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby.  But I'm not gonna lie...Poppi and Beckett have their fingers crossed for a boy this time.  Beckett wants a cousin to play ball with.  OH...you want to know who the proud parents are?  RYAN and ALLISON!  Congrats to them.  Our entire family feels blessed beyond measure to be able to welcome a new member to the family.
                                                                Sweetest sound ever.

                                        Before we even meet you, we love you, "Baby R"...

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