My Thyroid Journey Continues...

Well, I haven't had any significant problems with my hypothyroidism is approximately a year.  But just when I think I can sit back, relax and somewhat forget I have that little problem it rears its ugly head just to remind me that I do in fact have a thyroid disorder.

I usually stay on a pretty even keel and handle things well, shuffling through ideas in my head of "how to fix" things that are "off".  But the one thing that unfortunately can REALLY set me off (and not is a good way...) is problems with my hypothyroidism.  I have written about this condition (just put thyroid in my blog's search bar and you will find the posts) before and about how truly frustrating it can be.  I, however, being the person who wants to stay on top of things and "fix" whatever is possible to "fix" sometimes allow this whole things to consume me and I will admit it has become sort of an obsession.  And those are not just my words but also the words of my doctor who had to listen to my complaints this past week about how I thought my metabolism was screwed up again since I had gained a few of the pounds I had previously lost.  And despite continuing to eat well and exercising they were not coming off.  And yes, I used the words, "I am really pissed off about this!" (Sorry...just being "real" here).

So, after my rant with my doctor, we ended my visit by looking at all of my previous blood work and found that it had gradually inched up with each visit.  I would not have the results back from the blood work I had done that day until Friday; we would see what it said and possibly have to do another dosage change in my medication.  Although the prospect of this made me happy (actively attempting to "fix" something...), the reality that it would take 2-6 weeks for me to see any significant results was a little depressing as well.  Do you know what it feels like when you get up every day doing the "right" thing, eating clean and exercising, only to never see any results?

And then we discussed the possibility of me getting in to see an endocrinologist (I had already been researching them...).  I was giving myself options in that area; looking at the top endocrinologists here in Louisiana and also the Thyroid Center at the Cleveland Clinic.  We still had to wait on those blood test results though.

In the meantime Robby and I went to the bookstore and purchased a cookbook on Paleo eating.  We had snagged a few recipes from the Internet and tried them and, although I'm not sure I cannot eat 100% Paleo, I am willing to attempt to follow that diet (as a lifestyle) as much as I can.  My goal is to eat healthy without being an "extreme dieter" because "extreme" dieting and restrictions actually work against hypothyroid patients.  There is this delicate balance in eating for hypothyroidism; eat too much you can gain weight, eat too little you also gain weight (you see the source of my frustration?!).  I have tried to explain it like this:  An individual without hypothyroidism and I could do the same physical activity and eat the same foods.  They might lose 5 pounds and the hypothyroid patient might not lose an ounce and possibly even gain a pound or two.

And so my search for answers continue.  I cleaned my gym out this past weekend and added some weight lifting back to my exercise regiment.  We went grocery shopping and bought more "Paleo friendly" ingredients to continue eating clean.  I got my blood test results back and they indeed were higher than recommended; My TSH was 4.7 while it should ideally be around 1.5-2.  My Synthroid dosage has been changed from 50mcg to 62.5mcg since the dosage of 75mcg put me in a hyperthyroid state last year when we attempted that.  I am also currently looking into making an appointment with an endocrinologist who might be able help me understand and deal with this condition.

Thyroid problems stink put plain and simple!  They not only mess with your body but also with your mind.  Reading about all the people who suffer even more than I do with the many symptoms associated with this condition I realize that being as well informed as possible is the answer.  And I am embarking on yet another leg of this "Thyroid Journey" to garner as much information as possible.  Maybe in my search I will find answers that can help others as well.

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