Dreaming of Paris...

I will be "Dreaming of Paris" until we take our trip there next year.  And for many years after that I'm sure.  I am still dreaming of Italy and hope to go back there one day.

Our trip to Paris (and France) will be with several couples and we will fly to Paris to explore the city for a few days,  followed by a River Boat Cruise.  Of course, we are beyond excited and all preparing in our own little ways for this trip; some more than others.  I have taken a photography course that will be helpful in capturing all of the beautiful sites there that will keep me "Dreaming of Paris" (and France) for many years to come.  The other thing I have done is to start re-studying my French using Rosetta Stone.

Many years ago, I took a French course in college.  Although it would seem more feasible to take Spanish here in the U.S., I still opted for French.  We live in Louisiana where French is spoken freely in many circles.  Oh, some is the "French of Paris" and other is the "Creole French of Louisiana".  Anyway, I decided to take the class in hopes of gaining enough knowledge that if I one day visited Paris I could at least communicate a bit with the people there.  Well, here I am 30-something years later getting to finally fulfill that dream and I'm once again sitting in front of a screen attempting to brush up on those language skills...
                                                       Not too bad for a beginning, huh?
Right now, however, I could only talk about boys, girls, men and women who walk, run and swim.  Drink water, milk and eat bread.  Have cats, dogs, horse and fish.  Oh well, I suppose that's a start!

                                    And here is my "Dreaming of Paris" photo of the week...
                                                     The "Love Lock" Bridge in Paris
                                                            PHOTO CREDIT

                                         Oh, yes...I DO intend to visit this bridge on my trip!

                                                                   AU REVOIR!!!

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