Eat GOOD Food: Because Nutrition Matters

"Eat GOOD Food:  Because Nutrition Matters".  That is the motto of the Whole Nine Genesis Experience program I have looked into this week.  I told you that having hypothyroidism is such a bummer because one of the effect of the condition is the ability to lose weight and/or maintain it, especially when your TSH fluctuates from time to time.  My physician and I discussed my relationship with food and my husband and I did as well.  The conclusion was that I "eat good food", I just don't eat good.  Does that make sense to you?  OK, let me explain.  I don't eat junk food, processed foods or carbohydrates (which turn into sugar) or sugar for that matter.  However, I realized that I needed the expertise of a nutrition expert to help me out with how much I should eat and when I should eat it.  It had come to the point where food was just freaking me out.  I don't know what other way to put it.  My doctor told me it had become an obsession, that I was fixated on it.  And I didn't deny that.  I asked how could I not be when my weight fluctuated with those TSH numbers?  It was such a frustrating, vicious cycle.  I think at one point they threatened to take the scale away from me.  As well they should!  So, admitting I have this problem was Step 1, right?  Step 2 was finding someone who could help me with nutrition and teach me to think of food in a healthy manner.

My friend Karol works at Whole Nine Genesis Alexandria and I knew that she, herself had been very successful in changing over to the Paleo way of eating.  Robby and I had already been doing some Paleo cooking and I was continuing to work out in my gym but I knew Karol could help me achieve what I was looking for:  A healthy outlook on food.  One of the first things she gave me was the Whole Nine Nutrition Guide...

This is a comprehensive guide to eating; what is good, bad and why.  I had an "Aha Moment" as I read some of the information and asked a few questions of my own.  I wondered why eating almond butter was OK but peanut butter was not.  Answer:  Peanuts are made from a bean, which is a grain.  No grains are allowed on the Paleo plan.  I also asked why it was OK to eat honey and maple syrup.  It was explained to me like this:  This plan is designed along the lines of how your grandparents and parents ate.  They grew their own vegetable and fished and hunted for their protein.  It is a more natural approach to eating.  Processed foods should be eliminated because ultimately they are just not good for you.

I told Karol I was going to come work out with her at her gym on Friday and Monday to decide if I would like to continue doing that three days a week with her.  I am told if I continue on this plan I will see a huge improvement in the way I look and feel.  And guess what she told me...There is no scale in the place!  That's OK with me.  But guess what else?  She said I could weigh myself before I start the program but not again until after the first thirty days.  OH MY GOSH!!!  Now, seriously, someone is going to have to remove the scale from my house.  She said they only take measurements there and you can weigh yourself at home because this program is not about losing weight but becoming healthy.  And when you change your lifestyle,  and in my case my feelings about food, your body will most likely lose those unwanted pounds and you will be able to maintain a healthy weight.

Well, I am hopeful that this program will give me what I am looking for as I struggle with accepting this thyroid condition.  As they say, "It is what it is."  I cannot change the fact that I have a thyroid condition that I must live with.  However, I do not have to let it control my quality of life.

***If you are interested in this program just click on the link or go visit Karol.  She will also let you
      come try out her gym for a couple of times before committing to the program.***

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