My Favorite Things: The Scent of LEMONS

I'm not sure what first attracted me to the scent of lemons.  Their freshness, the fact that my maiden name was Lemmons or even maybe memories of those commercials featuring Mr. Clean.  Whatever the reason, the fact is I am simply obsessed with the fragrance of lemons!  And today I want to feature a few of my "Favorite" lemons products.

I suppose the first lemon products I fell in love with were the Verbena L'OCCITANE Products.  When I first discovered this store several years ago and popped in, I took a sniff of this spray and instantly knew it would soon become one of my favorites...
The fresh scent grew on me so quickly that I had to also purchase more of their lemony scented products...
                                                            Verbena Body Lotion
                                                              Verbena Body Salt Scrub
                                                           L'OCCITANE Deodorants

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and refreshed after a long day than pouring some bath gel into the tub and sinking into some fresh lemony bubbles.  Followed by drying off and spraying myself with the Eau de toilette and slathering on the body lotion.  Over time this has become my "official scent".  I didn't really realize that until my daughter moved 1200 miles away and one of the first things she purchased to ease her feelings of homesickness was some lemon spray (Click HERE to read post). 

So nowadays I am always on the search for new lemon scented products that will live up to my standards of "worthy of purchasing".  I must admit that I am a bit of a "Lemon Snob" and will not purchase just any old item that has the word lemon on the label.  That's why I was so excited to FINALLY find some other products recently that I just can't live without!  One is the Meyer Deep Cleansing Soap...
I try to keep this soap by my kitchen sink at all times.  It is a great product that smells wonderful AND you can get 5 soaps (all Lemon scented if you prefer) for only $18 at Bath & Body Works!!

After tucking my "New Favorite Hand Soap" into my shopping bag, I continued to browse the shelves and came upon Bath & Body Work's Sparkling Limoncello Luxury Hand Lotion...
I actually kept 2 bottles of this on hand during the summer months because I not only like to put it on my hands but also use it after swimming and sunbathing on my entire body.  It contains Olive Oil extract that simply takes moisturizing one's skin to another level.
                                                                   (Photo Credit)
     And Yes...I hope to one day soon have a lovely lemon tree growing in my very own back yard.
                                                    Ahhh...The Scent of Lemons.

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