Grandbaby Number 4: Is It HE or Is It SHE?!

Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann (OK...and our entire BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY) have been waiting so long for this new little addition to our crew.  We loved this baby before it was ever even conceived.  We prayed and prayed and right around Easter time we knew that Sarah was pregnant.  And now the time has finally arrived for us to find out if ROGENMOSER GRAND BABY NUMBER 4 is a "HE" or "SHE".

Ultrasounds sure have come a long way since the birth of my children.  The first three were all surprises and our number 4 we were told "It looks like a girl but don't go out and paint the nursery pink."  Nowadays the ultrasound photo is the first look we get at a baby inside the mommy's tummy that makes us instantly fall deeper in love. 

Alright,, you want to know what we are having?!
                                                                        It's a SHE!!! 
                                                            Lila Kate Rogenmoser
                                                          Due Date:  December 24

That makes the count:  3 Girls and 1 Boy.  Oh, Beckett, you better watch out for all of those bossy little girls trying to tell you what to do!