Cool In Ohio...

I got up at the crack of dawn (actually before...3 am!) yesterday and flew to Cleveland to spend a week with Caitlin and Holli while Robby is on a hunting trip in Kansas.  So, although, I will most likely feel a little jet lagged today, I am happy to be here enjoying my girls and this wonderfully cool (60-ish) weather.  Yes, this is what you can call fall; a season we, in the south, barely get a glimpse of.

So, I may or may not get around to blogging much this week because I did something I rarely do this trip...I left my laptop computer at home, choosing to go light traveling with my I-Pad.  But I promise there will be plenty of great photos to share when I return home since I did travel with my big camera!

Now, with a good breakfast in our tummies and a little snuggle (and coffee time) with Holli, we are going to head out for a relaxing day doing some things we love:  some T.J. Max shopping, a trip to the knitting shop and perhaps a lite lunch of soup and salad in this crisp fall weather.

I can "officially" say to you:  HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!

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