Weekend Adventures and Fun Times

The Hubs and I like to go on adventures, however with me being sick it hasn't worked out too well.  But Saturday was the day we were supposed to go pick Ace up from the trainer so we decided to take the Jeep and take the scenic route drive...and then go off road through the woods by our house for another "Jeep Adventure".

Now, the first time we went on one of these little"adventures" through the woods, we ended up taking on water and having to call someone to pull us out.  The second time I had to climb out through a window because I thought we were going to turn the Jeep over, so this was the 3rd adventure...surely the 3rd time really was the charm!

I have to admit that after our other mishaps, I was a little jittery about the ride in the woods.  OK, mainly those big mud holes.  But after a little while, I just sat back and enjoyed the fact that I was out of the house for a little while.

                                   We live out by Kisatchie National Forest...Isn't it beautiful? 

I was so excited to go get Ace since he had been at the trainers for a couple of months.  When we arrived to pick him up, the trainer took him out to show us the commands he had taught him, as well as some retrieving skills he had acquired.  I was SO impressed.  This little puppy had really grown!  And his obedience had improved SO much!
                                                      I told you he had grown a LOT!
He was so well-behaved that we were able to bring him into the house (with the weenie dogs!) and he laid down by our feet and took about a 2 hour nap!

When we had gotten home from our ride in the woods, I decided that I would put the Sunday Pot Roast on the stove to slow cook for lunch the next day.  I had not felt well enough to go to church the past couple of Sundays but I was for sure going to go this week.  And following the church service, whomever is in town that day comes over for Sunday lunch.  This week it was Justin, Sarah and their two girls, along with Ryan, Allison, Mimi and Papa.  And this was a small crowd.
I got that Pot Roast going and slow cooked it for about 5-6 hours; until the gravy was dark and thick and the meat was falling apart.

The weekend wasn't too busy and I got to rest a bit.  The weather here is still dreary and I am feeling the pull of the beach...any beach.  I don't like winter; did I already mention that?  Anyway, I am at least feeling a little better today and think I will get out and go to the gym.  I know what you're thinking..."WHY?!"  Well, I think it will help my mood with this dreary winter weather.  And I have promised myself that I won't overdo it today.

Stay warm out there and look for the recipe I have promised some of you for that Paleo Turkey/Chicken Pot Pie!  I promise...it's coming this week.

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