Turning "Double Nickels" in Vegas

What better place to celebrate a "Double Nickel" birthday than Las Vegas.  Oh, I'm not much of a gambler at all but you don't have to be in order to enjoy Las Vegas.

A friend of our had some business meetings in Las Vegas and his wife had this great idea that we should fly out when he was finished and meet him for a little fun.  We decided we would play some golf and I decided that since my birthday fell within those days I would also pamper myself in the spa.  

This trip to Vegas we stayed at Trump International Hotel.  Hubby just went on Priceline and it came up.  I really did enjoy my stay there for several reasons:  First, there is no casino in the hotel which makes it nice for me because the cigarette smoke really bothers me.  Second, the rooms were really nice and had big soaking tubs.  I know that may sound silly but haven't you been to hotels that only have showers?  And third, the hotel was right across the street from the mall with a huge Nordstrom sign staring me straight in the face saying, "Come shop here, come shop here..."  I listened.
The first day it rained so obviously there would be no golfing on a course.  However, we found Top Golf Las Vegas and played a few games while staying dry!
                                     And although I still wasn't terrific at it, this was sorta fun.

On day 2 whenever everyone returned from golfing and relaxing in the spa, we went out for my birthday dinner.  Earlier, Hubby had contacted Buddy V's Ristorante, located in The Venetian to  make a dinner reservation and Carlos Bakery to make my birthday cake.
  This photo was taken as we were leaving for my birthday night out in the lobby of our hotel.
We decided we would order the family style menu not realizing just how much food was involved.  But hey!  It was just like being in Italy again and I loved it!
And since it WAS my birthday, they talked us into getting a little champagne.  Isn't that a pretty bottle?  Yep, I stuck it in my suitcase and brought it home with me.
And the cake...OH MY GOODNESS!  This is a Cannoli Cake  that has cannoli filling between the layers, toasted almonds on the sides and cannoli on top.  It was better than yummy!

And while we were at The Venetian we decided to take a gondola ride.  Very reminiscent of Venice AND the guy even sang Happy Birthday to me...
              We walked around seeing the sights on the strip before heading back to the hotel.

Next day was golf day.  I mean a "real" golf day.  And I was ready because my friend had given me some pink golf balls as a birthday present!  The weather, however, had turned very windy and in turn quite cold.  We tried to get an Uber that could take all of us and our golf clubs to a golf course out of the town but were having trouble finding a vehicle large enough.  No problem!  Trump International offered to take us in their car...
          Sorry (not sorry...) but I just had to get a picture beside that license plate (He-He!).
            And then I started a trend...everyone else wanted their photo taken by it too.

The course we played that day was the Paiute Golf Course and it was a good ways out of town.  But beautiful...WOW!  The scenery was unbelievable.  And since I was freezing my tushy off, I didn't play too many hole and instead spend my time bundled up in the cart snapping photos...

                                                What did I tell you?  Gorgeous, right?

This trip was wonderful and such a great impromptu birthday surprise this year.  Turning "Double Nickels" was quite fun and actually I didn't feel any older at all and maybe a bit younger.  Age IS only a number they say...

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