A Shared Birthday

We are STILL celebrating birthdays around here.  HEY, I know but there are so many people that there is not one month out of the year that we do not have a birthday.  So, occasionally someone shares a party (Sharing is a BIG part of having a BIG FAT FAMILY).  And the the past 2 years, Uncle David has been kind enough to share his with Holli Bug.  Because they have been living in Ohio for the past 5 years, Caitlin has tried to fly down here and have Holli's birthday party with her cousins.  This year she was here as well and she and Uncle David had their parties together!
But first...Sunday Lunch!  Hamburgers is a good "go-to" for this big bunch so hamburgers it was.  Some of the little ones enjoyed sitting at the bar but soon the benches for their very own farm table will be finished.  It will seat 10...oops!  We might need another farm table.

Holli wanted a unicorn party and Uncle David asked for his "usual"; a cookie cake.  That was easy enough.  I ordered both cakes and on that Sunday we did it this way:  Everyone came over for Sunday lunch and then Uncle David had his birthday cake with his birthday song and then he opened his presents.

Then, Holli had her birthday cake and her birthday song and opened her presents.  It was warm outside (We've barely had a winter...) so everyone congregated out there for her party and kids were everywhere.  I mean they were running around like a bunch of ants and I had to keep counting them to make sure no one had wandered off.
Olivia and Lila Kate love this swing.  And they are the best of friends.  Where you find one, you can find the other.
And when the girls hopped off, Beckett hopped on.  Beckett is a favorite of all the kids.  He is so sweet and easy to get along with.  And almost all the time he lets the girls have their way.  Yes, he's learning fast.
Mam-Maw (My mother; yes, the very one who was in the hospital for 35 days in December and January) was at the party and got to snuggle with her newest great-grandchild, Jonathan.
  And then it was time for Holli's Unicorn Party!  Don't you love her unicorn crown and dress too?
You should have heard the oohs and ahhs whenever the cake was cut and they found out it was RAINBOW CAKE!
                       It was a surprise for me too.  I mean, who doesn't like rainbow cake?!
Obviously Livie liked it.  And Uncle David's cookie cake.  And most likely any other cake that would have been set out (He-He!).
                                             Lila Kate thought it was pretty yummy too.

It was a busy and fun-filled week and weekend.  We not only celebrated two birthdays but Caitlin bought a house!  It is still in the process of being built but should be finished by the time they move back here in June.  And then I will have all of my chickies back home.  Can you imagine all of the fun we will have at Sunday lunches then?  19 and counting with my MY FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY!

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