Mother's Day, Nordstrom and Groupon...A Perfect Match!

Mother's Day is almost upon us and as we are all struggling to find that "Perfect" gift for Mom, I was approached by Groupon to write a post.  Giving YOU access to some pretty awesome coupons just in time for Mother's Day!

Who doesn't like a discount?  On anything?  That's what I thought... EVERYBODY likes one!  And for Mother's Day this year, I am so happy to see that Groupon is giving away coupons for one of my  favorite stores; Nordstrom!

If you love Nordstrom like I love Nordstrom then you need to hurry on over to this link where Groupon is giving you a number of codes to help out with your Mother's Day  shopping.  Whether you want to buy her a handbag, beauty products or shoes (My personal favorite...for me!),  Groupon has a coupon for you.  AND there are coupons for both online and in store use.  To make the deal even sweeter, there is a coupon for FREE SHIPPING and RETURN.  This is a win-win situation, ya'll!

And if you are like me, you will use any excuse to shop at Nordstrom.  My daughter says I can spend an entire day perusing the items there.  And I must admit that I can.  And while I'm thinking about that, perhaps I'll drop a hint to MY children that I would like a gift from there myself and they won't have to break the bank getting it with Groupon's coupons.  So if you want to make Mom happy this year it's only a couple of clicks away with Nordstrom and Groupon...The "Perfect" match for Mother's Day!

      Mother's Day is Sunday May 14.  Here are some Mother's Day Gift Ideas From NORDSTROM:

***Although I will be compensated for writing this post I would have gladly written it anyway      
      because of my love for Groupon and Nordstrom.***

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