Dressing For a Wedding in the South

Wedding season is upon us.  They say June is the most popular month to be a bride but the "season", I believe, begins a little earlier and ends quite a bit later.  In addition to my own wedding, I have married off four children and although I may not be an "expert" on weddings, I can give you some practical advice when planning or attending one.

Most brides are so exited to plan their wedding that they often times forget their guests who make this event so very special.  First, there are definite difference in planning weddings in different parts of the country.  Know your area and the weather expectations.  An outdoor wedding can be a lovely event, however, if you live in the south like I do, one should plan an outdoor wedding in the very early spring.  Our temperatures begin to rise in May and stay pretty hot and humid well into the end of October.  An outdoor wedding should be remembered as a beautiful event by your guests.  Not a sweaty one where all you can recall is how much you had to fan yourself while slapping at mosquitoes.  And planning what to wear to an outdoor wedding is very different than an indoor one.

                             SUGGESTION FOR A WEDDING IN THE SOUTH

As I mentioned before, the south is very hot and humid about 9 months out of the year so my style tip for men and women alike would be to dress light.  Dressing light does not mean casual though.  We all know that southern women like to dress nice.  Short sleeves or sleeveless dresses are nice.  For an indoor wedding one can layer with a jacket or sweater.  Peep-toe heels, pumps or wedges are great foot attire.

If the wedding is outdoors one should dress nice but also for comfort in the weather.  Personally, I do not like women wearing slacks to a wedding; I prefer a dress or skirt for the occasion.  Remembering that this type of wedding will be a little warmer I would suggest a strappy heel or even a nice flat sandal.  If the wedding is in the afternoon, a hat is always nice; not just for fashion but for shading one's face.  And never forget the umbrella!  I have seen outdoor weddings that get that sudden shower and people who miss out on the ceremony because they forgot to bring an umbrella along.

Now, for the gentleman who is on the wedding guest list (Or in the wedding party...).  Our southern men like to dress well also but often times have trouble knowing what is in fashion or where to purchase it.  That's where a suit and rental company comes in handy.  The Black Tux.com is a premium suit and tuxedo rental company that can assist your man in finding just the perfect attire for a wedding.  The process is actually very simple.  Click on Our Collection to find the type of suit or tuxedo that catches your eye for the event or if you do not have time to put your entire look together let one of their expert stylists do it for you which will give you  a Complete Outfit that will dress you from head to toe with all accessories included.  And the best part?  You never have to leave your home!  That's right; Black Tux.com sends your chosen outfit straight to your home for fitting.  Here's how renting works in four simple steps:
                  1.  Choose a style
                  2.  Get the perfect fit
                  3.  Try it on
                  4.  Prepare for compliments

So, before that next wedding sneaks upon you and you find there is no time in your busy schedule to go back and forth for suit or tuxedo fittings, let The Black Tux.com do all of the work for you and get ready for those compliments!

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