Living in the Florida Keys For a Month

Whenever my husband asked me in March if I would like to rent a house and stay in the Florida Keys for the month of May I had to wonder why he was even asking...Ummm, YES I WOULD!  For many years, I have wished for the opportunity to just get away for an entire month.  Work, for my husband, has kept us from being able to do that.  And this year is really no different except for the fact that we decided to just make time to do it.  My oldest son is now taking care of lots of the business and we felt pretty good about getting away for some time to ourselves.

We searched for a while and finally found a house right on the water in Summerland Key.  Now, I must tell you something about the Keys if you are not familiar with them.  First, it's not a fancy place.  It is a place for fishing and creating art and just plain old relaxing.  The pace is so much slower here that it actually takes a little time for one to get used to people never getting in a rush.  But it's oh so peaceful.  And so, we decided that we would drive here.  Yes, you heard me right; drive here from Louisiana.  A little over 20 hours.  Why?  Oh, because we wanted to bring our bay boat for fishing and boating.
                   AND...We went through some pretty bad weather that first day of driving.
But once we hit the Keys and started driving to our new home for a month and saw THIS...Every single mile was worth the drive.  And by the way, this is my view from our house; I get to wake up to it every morning.
I hopped out of the car, took my things upstairs and didn't even bother to unload them.  I threw this swimsuit on and found a chair by the pool.
And as I looked up I saw these coconuts.  Hmmm...I wondered out loud if those things could fall?  I bet they would give you a concussion if they were to fall on your head."  I looked around to see if any were lying on the ground and sure enough they were!  I needed to move my chair over a bit, I thought.
But this guy...He walked over and grabbed one of them, cracked it open and asked if I wanted a bite.
Hubby hired a guide to take him around for a few day so he could learn how to navigate the islands and set his map on his boat.  But the day before the guide arrived we decided to just go out for a boat ride, check things out a bit, get a little sun.  I mentioned that we should pack a lunch and some drinks and did so.  As he was loading the ice chest into the boat I could hear him singing the tune to "Gilligan's Island".  I wondered if I should be concerned...

We made it back from the boating trip just fine and we have enjoyed every day here thus far.  I get up in the morning and watercolor for a while or catch up on blog posts.  He piddles around on his boat and has already had one day with the fishing guide and caught us some fish.  Yes, I can foresee that this is going to be a great get-away for us.

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