Cute Coat versus Warm Coat...How Will A Southern Belle EVER Survive These Temperatures Fashionably?!, I will admit that Caitlin and neither anticipated how BITTERLY COLD it was going to be in Washington, D.C.  While Robby (in his practicality) secretly packed his thermal underwear, Caitlin and I packed our cute little sweaters and coats.  We were very quickly slapped in the face with the cold reality of that northern wind.

The next day of our trip, we bundled up, caught a cab and headed to Caitlin's new apartment.  I was still a little nervous about leaving my little fish in this big fish bowl.  However, upon arriving, I found her new abode to be in a safe, quaint area.  After she checked in, we prepared to tote her've got it UPSTAIRS AGAIN (like I said, she is destined to NEVER have a first floor apartment...).  Tugging and pulling on that overweight luggage, we finally made it to her new residence.  It actually wasn't too bad.  There would be 6 girls, from all over the U.S. living in this one apartment; 3 sets of bunk beds in two bedrooms...and only ONE SHOWER. what MAN designed this apartment?  6 girls getting ready for school and work should be interesting.  Caitlin threw open her suitcases and began hanging clothes up and stuffing them in drawers, while her father looked on in amazement at how much she had brought in those 2 suitcases.  I assured him that it was MUCH less than her move to Texas; he still thought it was ridiculous.  Finishing up with that task fairly quickly, we decided to set out and explore the city on foot.  What we did not take into consideration was the 30-something temperatures outside.

Leaving the warmth of the apartment, we had only made it a few yards when I immediately realized that I had NOT brought the best coat with me to D.C.  Oh, it was cute; a bright salmon colored pea coat amongst the sea of black attire found here, but definitely NOT the warmest choice.  I have never been a fan of cold weather and this day certainly did nothing to change my mind about that.  You see, in Louisiana, we may have a few days where the temperatures dip into the 30's, however, it usually doesn't stay there for long.  AND if it does dip into the 30's, it is in the 60's or 70's by noon.  I had a feeling that in D.C., these 30-something temperatures were going to stay constant all day long...and throughout my trip as well.  Determined to see some sights and take a few pictures, we continued to walk...and as we did, I soon could not feel my fingers, toes or nose.  Coming upon a building, we found it was a museum that housed plants...OK; a greenhouse?  How fortunate that we should find this just before hypothermia set in.  Dashing inside, with chattering teeth, we began to tour the various greenhouse environments.  It was very beautiful inside, but I have to admit that I may not have stopped to go through this particular museum if I hadn't been so cold.  Eventually we had to leave and I bundled up as best as I could to brave the harsh conditions outside.  Looking around quickly, I asked where the next nearest museum was.  Robby informed me that our next stop would be the Native American Museum...he had to see the museum that held the history of "his people".  OK...whatever, just get me there ASAP!!!  AND get me some hot chocolate or hot tea...or basically ANYTHING hot to drink!!!

After spending the rest of the afternoon in museums, it was time for us to head back for the day.  Caitlin had a dinner to attend and Robby and I would go out for dinner, ourselves.  SURELY we would not be walking back in these temperatures.  Thankfully, Robby hailed a cab.  As we were dropped off at our hotel, we told Caitlin goodnight and to call us the next day after her orientation.  I was beginning to feel a little better about her living here for a few months...although I was not sure how a southern belle would ever survive the cold.  I suppose I would have to get online and find her one of those unfortunate looking "puffy coats"...ugh!  Oh well, I guess there IS a time and a place for everything...even unfashionable attire (I cannot even believe I just said that...)!

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