Hey Mama!... There's A Fish In My Closet!

When Ryan was a little boy, he very seriously came and got me to come to his room.  He was quite concerned and I suppose a little afraid as he told me there was a fish in his closet. Now, Ryan was not the child who came into the living room after being put to bed every night with an excuse to get up...that was David.  He came to the end of the hall every night wanting a glass of water.  So when Ryan told me there was a fish in his closet, I just assumed that he had experienced a bad dream.  Walking into his room, I turned on the overhead light and tried to assure him that there was no fish in there.  That is when, with big eyes, he nodded his little head and said, "Yes, there is; he was just sitting on the end of my bed."  WELL...now how do you argue with that?!  In order to at least half way convince him that there was no fish in his closet (or room for that matter), I began to take everything out of his closet to prove my point.  Needless to say, there was no fish in his closet, even though he still appeared doubtful after looking inside for himself.  I bring up all of this "closet talk" because I have begun a very daunting and loathsome task...cleaning the closets (ugh...)

Why, oh why, oh why do I allow my closets to get this bad, I ask myself every time I find myself in this position.  I actually keep a very neat and clean house; I am very particular about that.  However, I am a "junk drawer junkie" from way back.  Let me give you a little example.  When I was a teenager and still living at home, I had this night stand table just beside my bed.  And stuffed within that table was a TREMENDOUS amount of...STUFF (OK; crap...).  Anyway, it was so stuffed full that I could only open it a tiny bit; just enough to stuff a little bit more inside!  Unfortunately our home was burglarized...fortunately the burglars could not get that drawer open either!  Because if they had, they would have found another several hundred dollars that I had stuffed in there.  So...I guess this story sort of justifies having a "junk drawer" in my mind some way.  However, it does NOT justify it for Robby at all.  I can hear his moans and groans as he has to open one of those drawers to search for something.  Well, I hate to admit it, but my closets get the same way...EXCEPT I DO try to clean those (at least mine) out each week.  The problem is though that no matter how many times I promise myself that I am not going to just throw things on the floor in there, I do it again..(.THUS, you will NEVER see this on my New Year's Resolution List)! 

The current "problem closets" that I am going to focus on are Ryan's closet, my closet...and unfortunately I'm still packing up Christmas decorations upstairs to put in the attic (HEY!  Don't judge me...I've been busy).  I know, I know...Ryan doesn't even live here; how could his closet need cleaning?  That is exactly the reason it does need cleaning...it was available to junk up!  You see, it is downstairs and quite convenient for those things I need to get "out of sight, out of mind" quickly.  Well, I decided that this would be the week I would tackle that project.  Along with that, I will be focusing on getting the rest of those Christmas decorations in the attic.  They made it to the room upstairs, but there were so many...and I wanted to make sure I somewhat organized them before putting them back in the attic (I'm sure that won't happen as planned...) so I wouldn't have to search for items next year.  Then, the REALLY BIG PROJECT is my closet.  I'm sad to say that I am STILL unpacking my suitcase from my Washington, D.C. trip.  But that isn't the real issue.  The real issue is the fact that I have way too many pieces of clothes that I just simply need to get rid of.  You see, I love fashion and each season I continue to add to my wardrobe.  However, I do not get rid of all the old items that I don't wear any more.  Once I even made myself a promise to get rid of all the items that I hadn't used in the last year...and I meant to do that, but when I start going through my closet, I just think that they are such great items that surely I will wear them again.  Alas...I don't.  And there they hang in my closet, not making room for the new things.  And also it brings to Robby's attention that my side of the closet is WAY more overstuffed than his.  So, I plan to embark upon this daunting task this week.  Do I think I will finish?  Most likely not THIS WEEK.  However, I have made a plan to make a plan to get the job done!  And I intend to stick with it...Well, that is until I find something more interesting to distract me!

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