Was The Name Of That Fitness Class Called "Kickin' Abs" or "Kick Your...YOU KNOW WHAT"?!

On my continuous quest for fitness, I decided that perhaps it was in line for me to branch out a bit and try some new fitness classes at the gym.  Perusing the schedule, I saw that there was a class called, "Kickin' Abs".  Upon inquiring about it, I was told by a friend, "This is a fun class".  Well, heaven knows I'm all about having fun while working out, so I decided to give it a whirl.

It was an afternoon class and I generally work out in the mornings.  This particular morning, I had to pick Caitlin up from the airport, so as I bopped up to the group fitness room, I was feeling pretty confident that this class was going to be a fun and enjoyable experience.  After all, my friend who convinced me of this was there too.  We stood around chatting while waiting for the instructor to show up and as she walked through the door, I realized that she was the "super fit, muscular instructor"...whose class I had never taken before.  Oh well...ANYBODY can hang in there for an hour (can't they?)

When the music started, it started with a BANG!  Techno is the word for it, I believe.  I haven't worked out to music that fast and furious since the 80's doing high impact Jane Fonda aerobics.  "Wasn't there going to be some sort of warm-up period?," I thought.  Apparently NOT, I soon found out.  OK, so the first thing I needed to do was to catch on to the choreography...footwork AND fist punching.  That wasn't too bad; I never have had much of a problem catching on to that sort of thing...However, I could tell that the pace of this class was about to kick it up a notch...and THAT was what would  kick my butt!

Determined to keep up, I continued to punch, jump and squat until I literally thought I was going to throw up!  Either that or have a coronary.  I couldn't tell which was more elevated; my heart rate or body temperature.  But I kept moving...and concentrating...and thinking over and over again, "Anybody can do this for just one hour...anybody can do this for just one hour..."  That's when I glanced at the clock on the wall...HOLY CRAP!  The clock MUST have stopped.  There was NO WAY I could possibly survive 30 MORE MINUTES of this insane class.  I glanced over at my friend ( who apparently had more stamina and better lung function than I ) and she actually had a pleasant look on her face.  I motioned toward the door and mouthed..."I'm going to get some water."  Walking out of the room and to the water fountain, I hoped that I did not pass out from low blood sugar or lack of calories left in my body.  I HAD to return to the class...I COULDN'T be a quitter.  Walking back into the room, I jumped right back in and with sweat drenching my shirt, finally made it through that portion of the class...OH YES; there was more to come.  We got out the mats and then began the REALLY INTENSE  workout on our abs...that is when it came to my attention that I possibly had a sunburn on my face...I WAS BURNING UP!  As I glanced again at the clock, I saw that there was only 5 minutes left...PRAISE THE LORD!  We stretched a little, the instructor told us to give ourselves a hand (couldn't move mine to do that...) and we were free to leave.

Whew!  I had actually made it.  My friend asked me if I was staying for the next class also...ummm, that would be a NEGATIVE!  Well, I didn't actually say it like that.  I said, "Oh, I can't tonight; I could only take one class tonight and chose this one."  Inquiring if I would be back next week, I informed her that I would be out of town (which was not a lie...), but would definitely return the following week.  BUT, then I plan on trying the other class...Zumba!  It's a dance class...and I've been told, "It's so much fun!"  Heaven knows I'm all about having FUN while working out, so I think I'll just give it a whirl!

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  1. Just got back from my morning walk with a freind, that was fun!