Mrs. Monk Arms Herself With Lysol and Vicks VapoRub!

OK; so I will admit it (as if most of you didn't already know) I am definitely a germ-a-phobe.  Maybe not as bad as Mr. Monk, but pretty bad by most people's standards.  I am currently having a bout with this germ-a-phobia due to the fact that Robby woke up with a few body aches, a head ache, low grade fever and a slight cough yesterday.  My mind instantly went into a tailspin as my anxiety level skyrocketed and all I could think was...FLU!!!

I am absolutely terrified of catching the flu.  Let me explain.  You see, 3 years ago, I actually caught the flu and was terribly sick and in bed for 2 weeks.  Still weak and truly not feeling well enough to be out, I attempted to return to my daily routine.  That was not a good idea, for 2 days later my cough worsened and upon returning to my doctor, I found out that I had developed pneumonia.  I was given 3 shots, more prescriptions, a couple of inhalers and strict instructions to get into bed and stay there.  NOW do you understand my fear of contracting the flu again?  Well, after that year, I decided to take my doctor's advice(imagine that) and get not only the flu shot, but the pneumonia shot as well.  Up until now, I have been fortunate not to have gotten the flu again.  This year, I insisted that Robby also get the flu shot...thinking that he was tougher than the flu, he did not.

Robby always tries to down play getting sick because he says he doesn't want to be subjected to the "quarantine room".  You see, I have this theory (I KNOW...I have MANY theories) about getting sick and spreading germs.  I feel like the sick person should be put in a room by themselves so they don't get anybody else sick.  And while they are there, the rest of the house (and the "quarantine room") must be sprayed with Lysol...several times a day.  OK...and if the sick person is sleeping at the time of the Lysol spraying, they MIGHT get sprayed a little too (you never can be too careful...).  In addition to the Lysol and "quarantine room" there are other precautions that can be taken to ensure that no one else contracts the flu (or any other contagious illness for that matter).  First, there is the surgical mask.  You read that correctly.  I bought a box of surgical masks last year when Caitlin got the Swine Flu and made sure that when I was around her, I wore one.  People say that the germs go up your nose and the mask protects you from that...which also brings me to my next preventive measure; Vicks VapoRub.  My grandmother always used this on me when I was a little girl.  She had lots of old timey remedies, but this one I truly believe helps.  I just put a little of that "Vicks Salve" (as she used to call it) up my keep those germs from getting in!  And just one more little precaution that can be taken is hand washing.  It really IS important to keep your hands clean...and I actually taught Robby a little trick (that he now can't get out of his head) concerning this hand washing routine I have.  As you are rubbing that soap around on your hands, sing the "ABC Song"!  Don't act like you haven't heard of this...I know you moms, teachers, nurses and child care professionals have.  Robby said that ever since I told him that, he can't wash his hand without singing it (missions accomplished)!

I know that you must be thinking by now that I am more OCD than germ-a-phobic, but REALLY, I'm not.  I am just very cautious where germs and illness are concerned...which explains why I insisted on also sleeping on the couch last night too (couldn't take a chance...). I AM a little more like Mr. Monk than I originally thought.  Except I don't have to have someone walk around beside me handing me hand sanitizing wipes...I have my own in my purse; which is perfectly clean because it only has MY germs on it!

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