New Year's Resolutions...Making Them Is The EASY Part!

Since the New Year is right upon us, I asked Robby the other day if he would be making some New Year's resolutions (knowing full well that he wouldn't...).  He sort of chuckled as he slipped a glance my way and that's when I said, "That's OK...I will go ahead and make a few for you, while I'm making my own!"  Now THAT got his attention as I heard a full out laugh come from deep within his throat!

I will admit that usually I only make "quiet New Year's resolutions"; these work best for me.  You know, they are the ones you only make to yourself, so if you end up breaking them, no one knows but you.  A couple of years ago, I made the resolution not to eat red meat and since I didn't have much of a problem keeping that one, I decided last year to go vegetarian...well, not totally vegetarian; I still eat fish occasionally.  So, I began to think of what I could challenge myself to do this year and have come up with a partial list of things I would like to accomplish or finish this year. goes!

1.  Do the MS Bike Ride.  They have these rides all over the country.  I was actually planning on doing one last May, but it fell on Ryan's graduation day, so I was unable to.  The ride is a two day event and covers about 180 miles.  Yea, I know that sounds like a lot, but it is not a race, so I think that I can do it.  Besides, Robby and I bought these awesome road bikes a few years back and this past year they did not get used as much as I would have liked to seen them used.  This is also a resolution that I have made for Robby...he can do it with me!

2.  Finish painting my Doxie Calendar.  I watercolor...and I must say that this past year found me far too busy to paint as much as I would have liked to.  Although I have a studio upstairs, I leased a spot one day a week at a local gallery to paint.  You may ask why...well, it forces you to get out and do what you say you are going to do.  If I stay around the house, I will only find things that need to be done and then get distracted from my painting.  Therefore, it is my goal to complete this calendar and have it printed this year.  Hey, I already have 5 months done!

3.  Learn to speak Italian.  OK...we are back to that Rosetta Stone thing again.  I STILL have it sitting on my counter top (well, I actually moved it to ANOTHER counter top...) and I am just not going to make any progress if I don't open that box up and get started.  You see, the problem with this little project is the fact that it includes doing two things that I am not very good at...reading instructions and setting something up on the computer.  So, I do not believe that actually learning to "speak" the language will be the hardest part of this project.  The most difficult part lies in the preparation.

4. Complete the children's book I am writing and find an illustrator for it.  This book has been rolling around in my head literally for YEARS.  It is a picture book (that is merely the official name; it does have words too...) and I have actually begun the writing part.  I have also spoken to someone who is a wonderful illustrator and hope to get some sort of rough draft out soon.  Oh...and did I mention that I have also talked with a couple of publishers?  I know that this is a pretty big project, but I would LOVE to see my story in print one day.

I am sure that there are other "resolutions" that I will think of as time goes on, but THESE are the top priorities on my list right now.  I truly hope that next year this time, you will hear a fabulous "New Year's Resolution Up-Date" from a very fit, Italian speaking American, who has a newly printed whimsical calendar and fresh off the press children's book!  Well, a girl can dream, can't she?  And after is about to be a NEW YEAR and that means a time for NEW BEGINNINGS!

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