What's Not To LOVE About A Fairy Tale?

I went to see "Tangled" with the family Friday night. That's what got me to thinking about fairy tales.  A beautiful princess, a handsome guy (usually on a white horse), throw in a wicked witch, animals in a forest and plenty of show tunes and...voila!  There's your fairy tale.  Often times I day dream (while watching those Disney movies) about what it would be like to actually LIVE in a fairy tale.

All of our guys were such great sports.  I knew that they might have like another movie better, but they knew that I had to have my "Disney Fix".  I'm sorry, but when a new animated Disney movie is released, I just can't miss it!  So, off we went to a theatre filled with plenty of children, accompanied by their parents (who truly had a valid excuse for seeing a Disney movie).  This movie did not disappoint me, either.  The beautiful Rapunzel trapped in her tower by the wicked witch, disguised as her mother...and of course, the handsome guy who, in the end falls in love with her...and they live "Happily Ever After".  I'm not sure what little boys see when they view these fairy tales, but I can sure tell you what little girls are thinking...romance, love and living happily ever after.  And THAT is what most likely causes many young girls to have, shall we say...unrealistic expectations about love, marriage and life in general.  But, hey...a girl can dream, can't she?!

So, what would life be like if I DID live in that animated life of a fairy tale?  Well, first, I would be living in some wonderful castle in a kingdom, where all of the people would adore me...I WOULD be a princess, after all.  And being a princess would have perks of its own.  Why, I would have that long, beautiful flowing hair...that not only never got messed up, but also stayed the same color forever without me having to keep going back to the hair salon to be colored.  My skin would be flawlessly unwrinkled and youthful (cause for that wicked witch to, of course, hate me), without ever requiring all of the moisturizers and beauty products I presently use daily.  The forest would not be a scary place, because all of the animals there would not be dangerous, but terribly friendly as their scurried out so that I could sing show tunes to them in my angelic voice.  Oh, don't get me wrong...danger would still lurk out there, but because I lived in a fairy tale, I could not be hurt.  No matter what potential harm lurked around the corner, there would be a prince charming or knight in shining armour just waiting to save the day, capture my heart in the process and then we would live happily ever after.  Ahhh...but alas, this IS merely a day dream and with the sudden ringing of the phone and barking of the dogs, I am shaken out of my trance.

The reality is...life is NOT a fairy tale, but it IS what you make it.  "Why worry?", I often ask people.  Does worrying get anything accomplished?  Take life one day at a time and savor it!  It is a GIFT, so why let others spoil it for you?  LAUGH a little too loud!  JUMP up and down when you are excited!  LOVE deeply and fiercely!  EAT that ice cream cone!  Leave this life with others being able to say..."They lived life to the fullest and with no regrets!"  AND...in the process, you may find that life really DOES resemble a fairy tale...one of your own making!

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