I'll Just Think About That Tomorrow...

I'll just think about that tomorrow...one of my favorite lines from my all time favorite movie, "Gone With the Wind".  Scarlett O'Hara is my idol...and surely most all southern gals as well.  I simply like her attitude   about most things and can definitely relate to her.  That's why ever since this "Lake House Remodel Project" has been going on, I have been saying, "I'll just think about that tomorrow."  Well, tomorrow came...today.

For 6 months now, we have been working on this project (we could have built a new house and moved in by now...) and I knew the time was drawing close to finishing because Robby was traveling there several days a week to complete little things.  Oh, there were a few glitches along the way too (as with any project); such as an entire granite bar being smashed...yea, NOW do you understand my "I'll think about that tomorrow" attitude?  If I didn't go up there often and just HEARD about the mishaps second hand...well, it was sort of like it hadn't happened and I didn't get all stressed out about it.  I had, however, gone up there a few times to check on the progress (that was BEFORE the smashed granite incident) and to say the place was a mess was being kind.  There was not only trash everywhere, but sheet rock dust covered pretty much every surface; all of that would eventually have to be cleaned (ugh...).  I suppose I thought if I didn't think about all that had to be done...it didn't exist and I didn't have to deal with it (that's where the "thinking about it tomorrow" came in).  Well, THAT just wasn't so.

There were positive and negatives about the" finishing up phase" of this project.  The positive part was that our contractor had hired a cleaning company to come in and thoroughly clean the place from top to bottom.  The negative was that EVERYTHING had to be picked up and put back in cabinets and closets and all trash thrown away BEFORE they could do that...and they were coming TOMORROW.  And THAT is what I had been dreading; I NOW had to think about it!  The day before, the temperatures had been in the 70's, however this morning we awoke to about 40 degrees and extremely high winds, causing the wind chill to be about 30 degrees; that's COLD by any southerners standards!  Was this going to be a bad omen for the cleaning day ahead of me?  After attending church, we headed to Natchitoches.  Upon entering the house, I was quite overwhelmed.  The cleaning company was coming bright and early Monday morning so I KNEW that I had to stay until everything was put away...and who knew how long that could take (sigh...).  I will admit that as I tried to decided what to do first, I had a bit of "cleaning anxiety".  After talking to myself and complaining some, I finally got to work.  It wasn't long until Justin and Sarah and my in-laws also showed up to assist us in this daunting endeavor.

After dusting out shelves, rinsing off and putting away dishes, hanging ceiling fans and connecting television sets (only to name a FEW things), we were finally finished...and it had only taken about 6 hours!  As the rubble was cleared away and things began looking a little more put together again, through my filth and tiredness, I felt quite a sense of accomplishment.  The job I had dreaded and been putting off for so long was done!  And what that meant to me was that very soon we could begin to enjoy this house again...maybe even the week after Christmas.  Although I survived this little project, I'm sure that I will never change...whenever presented with a project that is just too big for my mind to handle at the moment, I will return to my patented response:  "I'll Just Think About That Tomorrow!"

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