It Really IS More Blessed To GIVE Than Receive...(Part 2)

We made plans to drive out and meet the family we were playing Santa to this Christmas season for Sunday evening.  David and Codi had gone out of town for the day with her family and Justin and Sarah now lived about an hour away, however, everyone agreed to be back for our 7 p.m. delivery of the presents. 

Robby and I had wrapped packages all afternoon.  I sat down long enough afterwards to reflect upon the season before heading out and as I did, I began to think about what these "gifts" meant not only to our "special family", but to my own family as well.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday; filled with food, family and festivities.  Even in our earlier years as a young family, we always tried to make Christmas special for all who spent it with us.  And part of that included celebrating the real reason for the season.  Taking our children to the Christmas Eve service at our church each year taught them about the "Perfect Gift" that God sent down to us and what our true purpose on this earth was; to share the gift of Christ with others.  THAT is what we were going to be doing this evening as we traveled out to deliver presents to this precious single mother and her children who were struggling.  Christ's love teaches us to give freely to those we see in need.

As we drove out to the neighboring town, we all agreed to meet in the parking lot of a local business.  We then caravaned out to our "special family's" residence.  The ride there became quite nostalgic for Robby and me, because it was in a rural area very near to where I grew up as a young girl and also where Robby and I raised our children.  As we wound around curves and over railroad tracks, I wondered at where the time had gone; it seemed like only yesterday, our children were young and awaiting Santa's arrival on Christmas Day.  Now, we were grandparents, watching one of our own children play Santa.  Finally reaching our destination, we pulled into a very well kept trailer park.  This also brought back memories, for Robby and I had once lived in a trailer, ourselves.  As everyone began to get out of their respective vehicles, I instructed them to stay where they were until we walked to the door to meet the mother.  On the way out there, it occurred to me that the only gift we had been unable to wrap was the bicycle and she might perhaps want to hide it until Christmas morning for her child. Robby and I introduced ourselves and presented her with hugs and handshakes.  She indeed did want to hide the bicycle and sent her children to their rooms long enough for David to wheel it in and put it in her bedroom closet for her.  Then, we all began bringing in Christmas presents and placing them beneath her tree.  And as we did, she and her children looked on with tears and awe in their eyes.  Standing there, she said, "My children have never had this many presents under the Christmas tree in their entire lives."  And then she asked us all to sit down and they gave each of us a gift.  She told us that she didn't have much money, but she wanted to make each of us a gift...even Parker Ann.  We were all so touched by the kindness of her home made gifts.  And I, as a mother, was so proud of my children and the manner in which they received these gifts; with a truly thankful heart.

As we were preparing to leave, the youngest child, peeking from behind his mother's back, said, "Mama, miracles really DO happen."  She said, "Yes, they do."  YOU TOO can be someone's miracle.  There are people all around who need help and not just at Christmastime.  Look around.  You don't have to give a lot; maybe you don't even think you have much to give.  How about your time?  To assist the elderly...or perhaps to baby-sit for a single mom?  Maybe there is someone who might just enjoy a good, hot, home-cooked meal.  There are opportunities all around you, if you just take the time to notice.  And you may be surprised, because in the might just be YOU who receives the "Blessing".

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