On The First Day Of Winter Mother Nature Gave To Me...

On the first day of winter Mother Nature gave to me...some pretty CRAZY southern weather.  I've always heard that if you didn't like the weather in the south today, not to be dismayed....for it would change by tomorrow.  And sure enough that has ALWAYS been the case!

The first day of winter was this week.  People everywhere were enjoying (or maybe not so much in some places...) the colder temperatures and even snowy weather.  Not so for us here in the south, where winter was met with a balmy 83 degrees!  Yes, you heard me right.  Not only would we NOT be "dreaming of a white Christmas", there would be no snowman building or sleigh rides here.  Oh, perhaps a little fishing, some boat rides down the river...and if one wanted to don a swimsuit and catch a few rays, that might even be possible.  But attempting to finish Christmas shopping or listening to Christmas music just didn't feel the same in these sort of temperatures.  I thought of perhaps turning the air conditioning on (well...actually did that) and then turning on the fireplace (didn't do that) to get in that holiday mood.  However, regardless of the weather, the shopping had to continue... so on with the shorts again and off I went to complete the daunting task ahead of me!

Each day as I came home after long hours of sultry shopping in this humid southern weather, I would head straight to my computer to check the weather forecast for the next 10 days.  SURELY there must be some relief out there in sight...and Santa would be riding in on the cool north winds of the jet stream instead of a heat wave.  Well, I DID discover that indeed things would be cooling off a bit...and just in time for the old fat man in the red suit.  Hallelujah and pass the gumbo!  Oh, we would have to suffer through a little rain ( but what's a little wet stuff to us here in the south?) before it came, but those cooler temperature would be here by Christmas morning...and that's all that counted.  Because, after all...we can only DREAM of a white Christmas here in the land of cotton and sugar cane. 

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