I Saw A DINOSAUR At The Eye Doctor's Office Today!

I broke down and finally made an appointment to see my eye doctor.  I HATE going to doctors of any kind...but I do LOVE new glasses!  So, you see, I was sort of forced to go see the eye doctor if I was going to spend money on some SUPER CUTE new glasses.

Driving into the parking lot, I could barely find an empty spot...ugh!  I did not look forward to the prospect of having to sit and wait.  However, when I entered the building, I did not see many people in the waiting room.  Either they were all in the back being seen or people from the neighboring offices were using their parking places.  That was a good sign.  I walked to the desk to check in...and that's when I noticed it...that DINOSAUR!  It was a TYPEWRITER...yea; who remembers what one of those looks like?  You see, I heard this familiar sound of years ago...tap, tap, tap...and low and behold, there it was!  I had not seen one in so long, that I just stood there and watched the girl type the labels and then peel them off to stick them on folders for a minute.  I was curious now to know if they even had any computers in the office.  Glancing across the room, I was relieved to find that they indeed did have two.  I took my seat in the waiting room and thinking about that old dinosaur tapping away, I gazed around the room and suddenly noticed that the typewriter wasn't the only antiquated object in the office. 

I'm sure that upon starting a practice, physicians are pretty strapped for cash, due to piled up student loans, thus they design their offices for efficiency...not necessarily aesthetics.  It was obvious that the chairs in the waiting room must have been well made for their era, since they were still in pretty good condition, considering their age.  The style and color of them indicated that they were several decades old.  As I was called to the back for my appointment, I also took note of other tell-tell signs that dated this office.  Things that perhaps other less observant people would not notice.  Items such as light fixtures, art work and window coverings.  This office was still living in the late 60's or early 70's.  Oh well...I suppose that really didn't matter as long as the quality of care was up to date.

As I was led to the examination room, I became aware of the girl walking me there with the chart in her hand.  She was wearing scrubs...as was every other person in the office...AND they were all wearing the same color.  This was a new trend in the medical profession that I noticed had emerged in the past few years.  I supposed it would be easy to get up in the mornings and just know what you were going to wear that day, however, I really like cute clothes; they define my individuality ( I KNOW...I'm also a product of the 60's) so, I'm not sure how much I would like wearing the SAME thing to work EVERY day.  Oh well, on a positive note...it is better than that awful institutional white that used to be worn by all health care providers.  OK, so the girl sat me down in the chair and began to do all of the usual little tests before the doctor made his entrance into the room.  "Which one is better?...Number 1 or Number 2?"  After all of the tests she was required to do were complete, she left and I sat and waited for the doctor...in a room lit only by a bulb the size of a night light.  Why did it have to remain so dark in there?  Was it a rule that the overhead lights must be turned off?  Hmmm...I guess their utility bill doesn't run much.  About the time I was beginning to check the room (and all of the equipment) out, in popped the doctor.

He's a really nice guy, who actually used to live two doors down from me.  His kids and my kids also went to the same school and were friends.  So, as he entered the room, he shook my hand and asked how everyone was. As the examination began, I noticed this "code talk" going on between him and his assistant.  You know what I'm talking about...abbreviations and numbers; things we lay people have no idea what they are talking about!  Everything was going fine and he was agreeing to give me a new prescription for those SUPER CUTE new glasses I wanted.  That is UNTIL...he ruined it!  OK...let me stop right here, because I think that there is some sort of conspiracy going on; well, at least among MEN physicians...or MEN in general, for that matter.  He stated that since the weather was getting cooler, my eyes might begin to experience some dryness.  I shook my head...there was nothing I disagreed with or opposed to there.  It was what he said NEXT that just BLEW MY MIND!  Glancing over toward his assistant again, he asked her to get me a sample of some new drops they had, "Balance".  Then, making eye contact with me he said, "You know, you're getting to that age..."  WHAT?!  OH MY GOSH!!!  Not again!  Ummm..."NO!, WHAT AGE WOULD THAT BE?!", I wanted to say, as he gave the wink, wink, nod to that perky little assistant! Hmph!  Well, she gave me a free sample (1st free sample I ever really didn't want to take) and took that new prescription with me to check out.

Standing in line to check out, I could still hear the tap, tap, tap of that old dinosaur in the office.  Pondering about what had just taken place in that dark cave of a room, I was suddenly struck with a thought.  He thinks I AM A DINOSAUR...(sigh...).  When WILL these MEN realize that I mean it when I say I am NOT going to do the "M" WORD?!  Apparently never.  Well, as I always say, "Age is JUST a number...and MINE isn't up yet, guys!"

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