The Case Of The Missing Wallet...

It was a very busy Sunday.  It started out with Sunday School and church, then lunch followed by family members gathering at our house that afternoon.  While Robby put yet ANOTHER baby bed together for Parker Ann, Ryan decided to bake a carrot cake.  There were boxes, tools, food and diapers bags all over the kitchen...and THAT made for mayhem later!

Parker spent the night with us Sunday night, so I was determined to be "on my game" this time around.  She got fed, bathed and put to bed by 7 O'clock that evening.  Afterwards, I attempted to clean things up a bit, but didn't want to make too much noise...a sleeping baby and all, ya know.  I would take the "Scarlet Approach" and just "worry about that tomorrow".  Well, when "tomorrow" arrived, so did a little mystery..."The Case of the Missing Wallet".

Robby has a habit of throwing his stuff (keys, phone, wallet, hats, etc...) down on the kitchen counter when he comes home every day.  Well, Sunday was pretty chaotic and Monday morning, I Robby emptying the trash and putting a car seat in the car before he left for work.  It was much later in the day that he realized that he had not picked his wallet up when he headed out of the house.  He called to ask me if I could check to make sure it was on the kitchen counter; it was not.  Not too terribly worried at the time, Robby said that he would go back to the office to see if he perhaps had left it there; no luck.  And THAT is when the search for the missing wallet became the FRANTIC search for the missing wallet!

Upon informing me that he had not found his wallet, Caitlin and I began the search at home.  We looked in vehicles and drawers and trash cans...still no wallet.  When Robby got home, he got online to see if his credit cards had been used and they had not.  I told him that this meant that the wallet MUST be at our house (or at least in our possession...).  The next step was to retrace our steps from the day before.  OK, after church, we had gone to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.  We definitely remembered him taking his wallet out to pay for the meal.  Then, we went to Target, where I payed for the purchases there.  MAYBE the wallet got left on the counter at the restaurant.  We called and they said they did not have the wallet, but he was welcome to come view the video tape to see if it showed him leaving it there.  Hmmm...we would keep that option open, but in the meantime we continued to think of WHERE that wallet could be.  I would sleep on it and see what I came up with the next day.

By Tuesday, things were getting into that "Frantic Mode".  If we didn't find the wallet soon, we would have to start cancelling credit cards.  Robby got online again and there was still no activity on the cards...we would begin brainstorming again.  Now, WHERE could the wallet be???  I thought of something!  Robby had changed clothes in the washroom after church and I had just scooped the clothes up and stuck them in the bag that went to the cleaners.  They had picked that bag up first thing Monday morning...the wallet HAD to have gotten accidentally put in the bag with the clothes.  I called the, they had not seen a wallet (sigh...).  The day continued on with various ideas popping into our heads all day long.  Robby made that trip to the restaurant, where he saw himself on the video put his wallet back in his pocket.  Caitlin and I even drove over there and looked in the parking lot where we had parked that wallet. I called to ask Sarah to look through all of Parker's diaper wallet. Frustrated, Robby eventually headed out to the golf course to clear his head.  That didn't work very well for him.  Instead of clearing his head, he cleared his golf bag out a little by breaking a couple of his clubs!  OK, now...THIS was enough.  I decided that he just needed to cool off, call and cancel the credit cards and be done with it.  I told him that although he HATES making mistakes, we all do; it's just a part of life and nothing to get so stressed out about.  I could tell that he wasn't really buying my way of thinking.  He informed me that he was coming home to "clean house".  And by that, he meant he was about to search the place with a fine tooth comb!  GREAT...

As we walked into the house, I began messing with something and Caitlin was on the telephone when we heard Robby say, "Well, well, well...look what I found!"  Caitlin and I walked around to where he was standing and what we saw shocked us as we began to laugh!  Remember that carrot cake that Ryan was baking for hours Sunday afternoon?  Well, apparently he had taken several pans out of the cabinet to see which ones he wanted to use.  In the process of putting them on the cabinet, the magnetic part of Robby's wallet had stuck to the pans and Ryan not noticing this placed the pans back in the cabinet...with the wallet stuck to them!  No wonder we couldn't find that wallet!  WHO would have EVER thought to look in the CABINET??  Oh, well, the "Mystery of the Missing Wallet" had thankfully been solved and we could all relax and get back to our daily grind!
Robby's wallet stuck to the bottom of a cake pan!


  1. I'm smiling...too funny...but I know how stressful it is when you lose a wallet. But thank you for the giggles.Happy Friday. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Please stop by my blog I'm having a great giveaway. Hugs!

  2. I can just hear Robbie saying, well, well, well look what I found. New wallet with not metal next time.