It Was A Day Of Flowers, Chocolates, Flowers, Mamas, OH...and Flowers!

Mother's Day (and my 29th anniversary) turned out BEAUTIFULLY.  Although only two of my four children were able to share the day with me, it was still a good one.  Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann joined us and Caitlin had made it back from D.C....for good!  David is presently doing his ER rotation and those consist of 12 hour shifts, so it was impossible for him to make the trip home.  Ryan is finishing up his first year of dental school with finals, so it was also an impossibility for him to join us.  However, I did receive the "Happy Mother's Day" phone call from both of them and some lovely gifts.  I thought that today I would share MY special day with YOU in pictures.  I hope that all of you mothers out there had a GREAT day too and enjoy a peek of what my day was like!
Caitlin and Me...I'm SO happy that she is FINALLY home from D.C.  That's a present in itself!

My mother was able to enjoy the day with me too.  Isn't she still lovely at 83?

Robby's mother spent the day with us as well.

Robby's dad was on hand for the day too; enjoying the company of his great-grand daughter, Parker Ann.

Of course EVERYONE had fun playing with Parker Ann on her first Mother's Day to be in this world...

OH...and there were presents too!

Mam-Maw got a new Camellia bead for her bracelet and a beautiful designer Italian handbag.

Mimi also received a new bead for her bracelet as well and a Kindle Reader.

And me?...What did I get?

Since David couldn't be here, he sent me these beautiful flowers...AND


The other kids all went in together and got me this equipment that winds my yarn for knitting.

When I arrived to pick my mother up for the day, she had picked and arranged these flowers for me.  Notice the cute little vintage is in the shape of a purse!

My mother-in-law brought Robby and me flowers for our anniversary too!

My WONDERFUL husband, Robby, prepared a delicious lunch for all of us mothers!

Yes, it was a GREAT Mother's Day and anniversary.  I hope that all of you were able to enjoy the day as much as I did!

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