What Does One DO On A Do NOTHING Day?

I decided that I was going to declare the day a "Do Nothing Day".  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  The original plan was to go to our lake house and "do nothing" the following day.  Those plans were thwarted when a tornado ripped through there, wiping out trees, homes and electricity.  So, waking up at home, I decided to stick with my plan...I would do "nothing" that day.

Once I had set my mind to doing "nothing" for the day, I got out of bed, reached for a cup of coffee and took my laptop back to bed.  I sat there for quite a while just surfing the Internet (and preparing new blog posts, of course...) and watching television.  I glanced over at the clock on my bedside table and was tempted to throw on some work out clothes and head off to the gym...BUT I had decided "Do Nothing" meant exactly THAT....NOTHING.  So, I got up out of bed and headed for the living room.  Hmmm...What to do, what to do???  Whenever someone takes a day off, they usually spend it "doing" something else; such as, running errands, working in the yard, cleaning house.  I was determined NOT to do any of those things on this "Do Nothing Day".  I grabbed my knitting.  That was a "hobby", so technically I could knit for a while.

While knitting, I decided that today might be a good day to catch up on my DVR recordings.  So, as I knitted, I watched some televisions shows that I had taped.  Although those things were fun and relaxing, I was finding that it was quite difficult to do "nothing at all".  It seemed like I should be "multi-tasking".  Today would even be a great day to take that nap that I'm always wanting, but I didn't even seem to be tired today (sigh...).  I knew what I would do...I would read for a bit!

I love to read and absolutely ALWAYS have a book that I'm reading.  I usually read on my Kindle, but the Kindle App is also on Robby's i-pad and I read on it at night since it's back lit.  I grabbed the i-pad and began to read "Water for Elephants".  Then, the obvious happened.  You see, when I read using the i-pad, I often times get distracted (because it IS a computer...) and start playing with the apps on it.  And THAT'S exactly what I did.  Before I knew it, I was back on the Internet looking for Mother's Day gifts.  I have to admit that, that was an excellent idea; I was able to order one!  Now...back to thinking of what I could DO that was actually doing NOTHING...

Oh, I DID end up doing a few menial chores; making the bed, loading the dishwasher and throwing a few clothes in the washer.  However, all in all (difficult as it was...), I was pretty successful in "doing nothing".  And just about that time, my cell phone rang.  I love Caller ID, because if you don't recognize the number, you can just let them leave a voice mail and listen to it later.  That's just what I did.  Dialing up my voice mail almost immediately, I found that it was the publisher that is trying to publish a children's book that I am currently working on.  Hmmm...He most likely wouldn't understand the "Do Nothing Day"; I wouldn't call him back just yet.  But although I had decided not to return his call right away, I couldn't help thinking about that unfinished rough draft laying over on the counter.  I would just pick it up and read over it for a minute.  OK...so there were a few things I could add to it.  I quickly did this and put it back down; after all, I was almost finished with it...it could wait one more day.

When Robby arrived home that evening, I toyed with idea of asking him if we could go out to eat.  BUT, then I decided that I had stayed home all day and done "nothing", why go out now and ruin it by having to "do something"...like getting dressed (I HAD stayed in my pajamas past noon today...) and putting on make-up and then getting in the car and driving to town to eat.  NO!  We would just stay home, cook and watch a little TV.

Well, by the end of my "Do Nothing Day", I had come to a conclusion of sorts.  I NEED to be doing SOMETHING every day!  Oh, I know that it is important to take a day off here and there, but taking a day off from "work" does not necessarily mean that one has to do "nothing".  Sometime doing a few little things that you enjoy counts for more than doing nothing at all.  So, the next time that I decided to have a "Do Nothing Day"...I'm going to plan to "Do Something" I really enjoy!

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