A Soul Mate...A Mate For Life

This week is a very busy week for me.  First, my youngest son's birthday is today and he turns 24 years old.  I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  He was born on Mother's Day week and I always considered him my "Little Mother's Day Present".  That brings me to the next important event this week...Mother's Day.  And it just so happens that this year, Mother's Day actually falls on my anniversary.

None of these coinciding dates were planned or thought out; they just happened.  So, that makes May especially busy for me; not to mention when it's a year when one of the kids are graduating.  Anyway, I've been thinking about this year's anniversary; it's our 29th!  Yep, I find that I have now been married more years than I have not been married.  Some people might make this announcement with a little sigh or a giant eye roll, however; I do so with a smile on my face.

Robby and I got married at a VERY young age.  As a matter of fact, we would NEVER have let our own children do what we did.  Isn't that funny?  Parents are always wanting things to be different, better for their own offspring?  Well, perhaps not "better", per se, but easier.  I say this because, although, this ride called "marriage" has not always been perfect...it's been pretty darn close and also quite fantastic!

We're always saying that we both married our "soul mates" and how fortunate we are.  That's what makes me attempt to explain to people exactly WHAT a "soul mate" is.  You see, Robby and I find that we are best friends and that is one of the keys to finding your "soul mate".  Being happy and content in one's marriage does not mean that there are never arguments or disagreements; those things (and the way a couple resolves them...) are very important aspects of marriage.  When one has found their "soul mate", they actually enjoy being with that person and doing things together.  What sort of things?...ANYTHING.  That's the thing about a "soul mate" relationship; over the years, each person loves the other so much, that they automatically enjoy doing things that the other person does.  Some of you may be wondering HOW that could possibly be...it's because of the loss of selfishness.  When one truly finds someone they love and adore, selfishness goes out the window.  The other person's happiness is more important to you than your own happiness.

A "soul mate" is a rare find.  Often times, people find themselves disenchanted with their marriage and life in general.  That is why I have tried to impress upon my own children (and anyone else who asks...)how important it is to WAIT for that right person to come along.  Believe me...they are out there and worth waiting for.  On the other hand, I must also advise to NOT WAIT when you find them.  If you DO find your "soul mate", don't let them slip away.  You will be losing them and quite possibly the BEST life you could ever dream of living.  And once all of the kids have left home and it's just the two of you left, you will be glad and happy and content that you married your "soul mate"...your one true love that there will never be anyone else like in your life.  I am so very happy that I married MINE!  Happy 29th Anniversary this week, Robby!

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