NEEDED: A NEW Family Picture For My Blog!

Did you notice it?...I changed the "Family Picture" that is heading my blog.  I thought after a little over a year, it was time to change it for several reasons.  First, there are a couple of "new" players in the saga AND I figured that Sarah might appreciate not having a pregnancy picture of herself on it.

So, along with the picture I decided that I would also give you a little update on everyone.  Let's start from left to right:  Here we have David and Codi.  If you all remember correctly, last year around this time, we were getting ready for their wedding.  They got married in July and moved to Hattisburg, Mississippi, where David is doing his clinical rotations for medical school.  He has just has one more year of rotations left there and then graduation next May and residency.  It was sort of difficult for Codi to get a job using her Public Relations degree since they were only guaranteed to be living in Hattisburg for 2 years, so instead she got a job working at a local school in a classroom with autistic children.  I know that it is "wishful thinking" on my part, but I am hoping that they will start a family soon...Parker Ann needs a little cousin to play with!

Moving right along, next to David and Codi is Caitlin and Kevin.  I believe EVERYONE knows Caitlin (aka:  Elle...) and what she has been up to lately with all of her adventures in Washington, D.C. for the semester.  She is home for the summer now and I have my old buddy back to run the roads with; getting pedicures, laying out by the pool and watching those chick flicks that the guys were subjected to watch with me while she was away from home.  Beside her is a "new player" in our saga...Kevin.  Kevin and Caitlin have been officially dating since last September.  He and David have been good friends for about 3 years now.  They met in medical school and were actually neighbors for a year while David was living in Kentucky.  Yes, you heard right...he lives in Kentucky!  So, he and Caitlin have been flying back and forth for almost a year now in this long distance relationship.  The Rogenmoser family has gotten to know Kevin pretty well and I will say that we like him well enough to tease him just like one us...OK, that means we now have ANOTHER "yankee" to pick on!  Up until now, Robby's father was the only northerner we had to tease, being from Buffalo, New York originally.  Look for a few little blog posts begin to pop up with this "new player".

Moving right along we have Ryan standing next to ME!  Most of the time that is where one will find my little Poo Bear.  Although I truly have no "favorites" where my kids are concerned, he (and all of the other kids...) tout Ryan as being "Mama's little baby".  Ryan moved to Metarie (a suburb of New Orleans) last June, where he began his first year of dental school.  He just completed year one (yay!!!) and is home for a few weeks to relax before beginning year 2 of his studies begin.  We all enjoy Ryan being here because he has such a dry sense of humor and keeps the "pot stirred" all of the time.  Also, he is the family's "Most Eligible Bachelor"!  Look for a blog post soon on how Caitlin and I attempted to remedy that situation! I'm standing next to Ryan and I will have to say that I have been quite busy this past year.  I began blogging about 1 year ago as a study in discipline for myself.  I have always wanted to write a book (and actually am presently working on a children's book...), but never had time to do any serious writing because I was always so busy raising my four kids.  Oh, I edited more than my fair share of English papers for my children (and their friends...) over the years, but I have truly enjoyed and look forward to writing several pieces a week.  Enough about me...on to the next person;  Robby.

Robby, or as we now refer to him...Poppi, is the head honcho of this motley crew.  And BOY, does he have his work cut out for him.  He is the one truly level headed, fair minded person in this group.  I won't even act like I am, because I know it just ain't so.  Every time we get together, go out to eat or travel together on a family vacation, it become sort of like a 2nd grade field trip.  And fortunately, we have a GREAT leader.  He is a problem solver to all of us, a wonderful soul mate to me, fabulous father and father-in-law and silly and fun Poppi to Parker Ann.  We all adore Robby and everything he does unselfishly for us.

Next down the line is our "Family Within a Family"...Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann.  This past year, Justin and Sarah have been through a lot of changes...and our "Big, Fat Family" has been on THEIR journey the entire way.  First, Justin and Sarah gave birth to Parker Ann in August...need I say more?  This little sweetheart is the apple of ALL our eyes.  There are so many of us to pass her around and play with her, she NEVER lacks for attention.  Justin has also been managing the new ACE Hardware store that we built last year.  In over a year, he has learned a vast amount about operating a business that college could have never taught him.  He and Sarah also built their first home in Natchitoches.  Sarah decided not to return to work, becoming a stay at home mom.

So, although this past year has been quite busy and eventful, we wouldn't have things any other way; God has richely blessed us.  I hope that all of you will continue to travel with us on our journey as we continue to navigate this world as a "BIG FAT FAMILY" that encounters MUCH along the way.  Remember...there is NEVER a dull moment when you peek in on "A Day In The Life Of A Mom"!
Robby and Me...Easter Sunday Lunch

Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann

David and Codi

Caitlin and Kevin

Ya-Ya and Parker Ann


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