Really Random Revelations...They're BACK!!!

Good Morning!  I hope that all of you are planning something really WONDERFUL for this weekend.  I'm back this Saturday with my "Really Random Revelations".  Crazy little thoughts just randomly run through my head from time to time and I have begun to jot them down when this happens.  So, remember when you read this particular blog of mine that these are not any Earth shaddering revelations that are going to change the world.  They are simply just a few little thoughts that have run through my mind at some point during the week, that I thought you might enjoy or at least get a laugh out of.  So here goes!

1.  I have noticed that "Fortune Cookies" no longer contain "fortunes".  Instead, they contain "wise sayings"...
     What's up with that?

2.  I now know why cats eat birds.  I have observed the birds eating catfood out of the cat's bowl on the
     back porch...AH HA!!!

3.  Summertime is almost here...Just think of all the SUMMERY POSSIBILITIES!

4.  It is simply AMAZING what a child learns to do in his/her first year of life!  If we could only continue at
     that pace indefinitely.

5.  There's really something to that "Serenity Prayer".  Now, if we could only heed what it says to pray for.

6.  It appears that mischief will be my closest friend forever!

7.  I'm so glad that I do not have a husband who expects for dinner to be served promply at 5 p.m....or any time
     time at all, for that matter!

8.  For as long as you live, you will never be "caught up" with the why stress out about it?

9.  Licking cake batter out of the bowl is the yummiest!

10. How WONDERFUL it is to be married to your "Best Friend"!

Well, that's "it" for this week!  I hope that you enjoyed reading my crazy little thoughts.  Perhaps they put a little smile upon your face or prompted you to think of a few of your own.  Please feel free to comment on mine or share yours with me.  Now...go out this weekend and have some FUN...And by all means do something RANDOM!

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