A ROYAL Event...

I, like the rest of the world, wait excitedly for the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.  This wedding has many people talking for a variety of reasons.  For me, it is purely out of my love of fairy tales, romance and "happily ever afters".

I can remember Charles and Diana's "Royal Wedding" like it was yesterday.  It was the year before my own wedding and I sat glued to the television through the entire engagement and eventual wedding.  ALL future brides were doing the same.  We wanted to "borrow" any bits and pieces that a "commoner" could afford for our own nuptials.  And if one were to go through the wedding albums of brides from that era, a definite "royal" influence could be found in the photos. 

Personally, I was captivated by Diana's dress and chose MINE with HERS in mind.  It was big, full of frills and, of course, had a very long train.  Everything about the "royal" wedding screamed class and proper etiquette, therefore, I set out to emulate the same for my special day.  My mother and I hired a wedding coordinator and I set out seeing every little detail so that my wedding would be as lovely as the one of the beautiful princess, across the ocean.  And perfect...at least in my eyes it was!

Then, as Diana began to start her family, I was again just a year behind her starting my own.  I remember when Prince William was born; Charles and Diana standing there with their tiny little bundle in his heirloom outfit.  I then decided that I TOO would bring each of my children home in their very own special outfit.  Oh, it was not passed down through many generations like William's was, but for my children, it would all begin with their generation.  I have kept those outfits for them to use one day if they so choose. 

The world watched as William grew and was joined by a younger brother, Harry.  Photos of Diana and her boys reflected the happiness they brought to her life.  She was a true princess;  however, soon we realized that she was one that would not share in the "happily ever after" ending. 

As my family was growing by leaps and bounds, I found myself to be happy and content, although I was not living in a castle.  Over on the other side of the ocean, the same could not be said for the beautiful princess, whom so many of us admired. Troubles seemed to have reared their ugly heads for the "royal couple" and the entire world became disheartened as it was evident that Charles and Diana's fairy tale had taken a bad turn.  As time went on and Charles and Diana divorced, we saw Diana continue to be the adoring mother, continuing to dote on William and Harry.  And, although, she was stripped of the "Her Royal Highness" title, we all still considered her a truly "royal" princess.

It wasn't too many years later that the world was stunned when the announcement of Diana had met an untimely death in a terrible automobile accident and once again, we saw William and Harry publicly grieving the loss of their mother; walking through the streets of London in her funeral processional.  We listened to Elton John sing, "Candle in the Wind" and wept at the loss of not only a "royal" princess, but a truly beautiful person.  We were sad for her two little boys. 

I say all of this, because a "Royal Wedding" affects all of us.  It is exciting to know that Diana's eldest son is marrying because we all feel as though we are connected to him in some way.  One cannot help but feel Diana's presence in all of the preparations for this very important event; evidenced even more by the fact that William gave Kate Diana's wedding ring.  This shows that he is also apparently thinking of his mother and feeling her loss during this special time in his life.  Also giving Kate this ring, to me, indicates his true love for the "new princess" in his life.  In my own "fairy tale" mind, I believe that, as a young child sitting on his mother's lap, he perhaps remembers his mother wearing that ring...maybe even playing with it on her finger as children are wont to do.  That ring represented the most important woman in his life growing up and he now has found another true love (I know, I know...I'm a "hopeless romantic") after all this time. 

So, I will go out, buy my "royal" cupcakes, set my DVR and then pour a nice cup of hot tea to watch...along with the rest of the world...the birth of a "new princess"...and hopefully a TRUE "Happily Ever After" fairly tale!

OK...I HAD to throw my wedding photo in too!

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