Buy Me!...Buy Me! Now, WHO Can Resist Those Late Night Bargains Shouting Your Name?!

From time to time, I find myself leaving the comfort of my warm, snugly bed to seek out the not so comfortable, cold couch to finish my night's sleep out on.  Oh, I have three other beds in which I could seek my rest, however, for some reason, I would rather be in my living room where the big screen TV can be found.  And THAT is where the late night shouting of my name begins.

One may be wondering WHY I leave my bed at all in the middle of the night.  Well, I am that person who can (actually HAS to...) sleep with the television on at night.  Don't ask me why I MUST do that; somewhere through the years, I started that bad habit and now it cannot be broken.  This background noise helps to lull and keep me asleep all night long.  So, it is not THAT noise that disturbs my sleep.  It is Robby.  At times, he snores, but even an audible breathing sounds can cause me to wake up as well (He tells me that he is sorry, but he cannot quit breathing...)...THUS, causing me to move to my living room for the remainder of the night.

Once settled on the couch, I turn the big screen on and at some point during the night, I hear the tone of the television is "Infomercial Time"!  And I MUST admit that once I start watching one of those infomercials, I cannot tear myself away from the television; even if I have seen that exact infomercial a thousand times before.  I suppose that should be the cue for me to turn the TV off, because it is an indication that I am very interested in that particular product.  And...OK, after watching one that I am interested in for so many times, I am compelled to BUY IT!

So, "BUY IT", I did!  Actually more than once, but I will only tell you about my most recent purchase...last week!  I FINALLY bought the Cindy Crawford, skin care program; "Meaningful Beauty".  Yep!...I decided that I had watched that infomercial for the LAST was time to take action and buy the stuff.  Heck!  Who doesn't want to look like Cindy Crawford?!  Hey, I was thinking that maybe I could even pencil a little mole in next to my lip like she has too.  So, I ordered the stuff and then just couldn't wait for it to come in.  You know, a couple of the things that really "got me" (OK...forced me to give in and buy the stuff...) was: 1.  The products were formulated by a French doctor.  WHOA now...I am absolutely DREAMY about Europeans and the European culture; not to mention that romantic language of theirs!  They are all so classy and beautiful.  SURELY these beauty products would make my appearance more classy and beautiful too.  2.  I just could NOT resist those cute little "Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules".  I love it when they break them open on the infomercial and then they say something about THIS being the "secret" that works "instantly" on your skin to make it look smooth...and wrinkle free...and YOUNG ( maybe it didn't exactly say THAT, but one can put 2 and 2 together...).  So, every day, I checked the mail; barely able to wait until I could reap the benefits of my new skin care regiment.

When it arrived, I broke into it, read the material about it and then began slathering the products all over my face.  As I broke open one of those little "Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules", I could almost "feel" any unsightly crevice disappear.  And then I saw it...the pamphlet.  THAT is where one really gets sucked in.  There are OTHER products they also offer...for a little extra money...but I'm SURE that they make you look EVEN YOUNGER (Wow!...I could look about 25 if I keep buying more products...)!  So, I am still perusing that little pamphlet, trying to decide which products I NEED to order next.  Then the thought came to me...Why, I could just fly on over to France... find those melons used to make the products... get some seeds from them... and then grow my own!  Because if they make your face look younger, just IMAGINE what they could do for your body if you started eating them!

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