A Little "TASTE" Of D.C....

After Elle got her "surprise", we decided to go eat dinner...and of course, dessert!  One of the yummiest desserts that Robby and I had tried while here in January was found in the restaurant of "The W Hotel". We told Caitlin about it, but she had never had a chance to try it out yet.  What better way to start our long weekend with her than to order up this dessert!  Caramel Popcorn Salty Ice Cream Sundae...

Caramel Popcorn Salty Ice Cream Sundae...Found at "The W" in Washington, D.C.  One of the best desserts I have ever tasted and a MUST if you are visiting D.C....YUM!!!

The next morning we got up and decided to set out for breakfast.  Wanting something different, we sort of just searched for something fairly near to where we were staying and came up with "Founding Farmers".  This restaurant touts its fresh and organic ingredients.  The atmosphere is "farmish" also, with wood everywhere, big clouds made from cotton boles hanging from the ceiling and displays of huge jars filled with fresh veggies.  I must say...the food was WONDERFUL!  And no wonder...the guy who sat next to us while we dined informed us that it was in the "Top Restaurants Recommended by the Food Network"!

We had a nice hot cup of coffee in this wonderful large cup to start the day at "Founding Farmers" in D.C.  OH...and notice the cute little cream container!

I had this waffle, complete with butter and maple and cinnamon syrup!

Robby and Caitlin had the "Farmer's Breakfast"...

We ended up in Georgetown around lunchtime and popped in to a little restaurant to eat there.  But before we did that, a cute market caught my eye and I HAD to wander in to take a look.

Dean and Delcua's is a great little market that looks like a quaint little country store.  It has the old country feel due to the old wooden floors, the openess of the space and the inviting wicker baskets of produce that greet one upon entering the premisis.

I wish we had one of these where I live...I could sure get into some grocery shopping here!

J. Paul's is where we stopped in for lunch.  Look what they serve instead of bread before the meal...Yummy, hot, homemade pretzels!

And, of course, whenever one gets ready to stop for a little snack during the day...there are CUPCAKE shops to be found EVERYWHERE...

I REALLY wanted to get a cupcake from here, but it was cold and raining...and there was a LONG LINE of people stretched around the building, hunched under umbrellas waiting to get inside.  My comfort suddenly became more important than saying, "I ate a D.C. Cupcake"...

I DID eat a cupcake from "Alexandria Cupcake", in Old Town (Alexandria) Virginia.  Sorry, but there is no picture of it due to the fact that it had just come out and was still warm...we ate it quickly and can I just say, "YUM"!!!

For dinner, we visited a cute little restaurant that is close to where Caitlin lives; "Ted's Bulletin".  This is an Old Timey restaurant that has a neat little bar in the front and the 50's style booths in the back.  There was a big screen T.V. on one wall playing "The Wizard of Oz" while we were there.  There are several really neat things about this establishment; they are known for their homemade pop-tarts and delicious shakes!
This is the bar in the front room of "Ted's Bulletin"

THIS is "Ted's Bulletin's" Menu!  It is an Old Timey newspaper with facts about the restaurant when it originally opened. When you open the paper, the menu is printed on the inside pages.
Caitlin got the "Oreo Cookie Shake" that has little pieces of crushed up cookies in it and Robby had the "Peppermint Shake" that had peppermint pieces in it.  What did I have???  Why I just had a little taste of both of theirs!  They were Both YUMMY!

This is what Robby ate at "Ted's Bulletin"...Yep!  It's a hamburger that has an egg on top of it!

Caitlin had this roast beef sandwich at "Ted's Bulletin" in D.C.

They even had one of my favorite vegetarian meals at "Ted's Bulletin"...Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Hot Tomato soup.  What could be better on a cold, rainy evening?!

We also had to try these "Bowling Alley Onion Rings".  Notice the cute little cast iron skillet that they are served on...

We were so stuffed when we left "Ted's Bulletin" that we had to take our homemade pop-tarts to go!  But WOW!  They were delicious and so soft; nothing like the Pop-Tarts that you buy in the store.

I must say that D.C. DOES have some neat and interesting places to dine!  And I was certainly at an advantage since Caitlin has been living here all semester and ventured out and found and tried them in advance.  There were plenty other interesting things that we did on our D.C. visit this time around...Watch for my next posting where you will get to see LOTS of beautiful photographs from around the city!

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